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All you need to know to create marketplace content

If you’re seeing this page, it means you’re creating content or have already created content to submit to Kahoot!’s Marketplace.

These guidelines are in addition to the Best practices guides for Kahoot! Academy Verified creators and partners. Recommendations are based on Kahoot!’s own perspective on learning design and pedagogy, and on data and feedback from Kahoot! users.

Marketplace page

Recommendations - what defines a high-quality marketplace resource?

Resources for Kahoot!’s marketplace are thoughtfully designed learning materials including a wide variety of resources that promote playful active learning for increased engagement and retention. Resources include full courses as well as other interactive activities like kahoots, videos, homework assignments, warm-ups, discussions – designed for both high engagement and deeper learning.

  • -Marketplace resources are offered in the form Kahoot! Courses, which can be collections, lessons, or richly designed kahoots (i.e. kahoots that contain varied question types, informational slides, discussion prompts, media, etc.).
  • They should be anchored by one or more kahoots, which make meaningful connections with additional learning activities and educational resources
  • They should take advantage of active learning approaches, in which learners engage in hands-on tasks and minds-on exercises
  • Through this integrated learning model, premium content should be designed to support a combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Whether free or paid, all content should embody the Kahoot! values of being playful, sparking curiosity, and engaging learners

Course view

Key qualities and essential elements of Kahoot! marketplace content

A great resource will be:

  • Comprehensive: a ready-to-teach lesson with activities that flow smoothly
  • Playful and active: learning that is fun and makes students think and do
  • Globally relevant: resources that are applicable to educators and learners in diverse contexts.

These components should be present in all resources on the marketplace:

  • Clear learning objectives: The intended outcomes should be clearly stated, so teachers/facilitators and also learners know what to expect in terms of both skills and knowledge gains
  • Core and/or supplementary learning materials: The content includes core learning activities for learners to explore, for example digital interactive DragonBox Math Labs, as well as supplementary materials that provide everything an educator needs, such as slides to prompt discussion
  • Kahoots or questions that bookend or anchor the experience: Kahoots can serve different functions such as warm up, brainstorm or assessment, but should be thoughtfully connected to the rest of the learning
  • Clear description: Include key information in the description of the resource. People that browse your content should be able to find key information about your content within seconds, for example learner age range or grades, estimated time, topic and subject area. Be sure to also include relevant hashtags to improve visibility in search results and understanding of the main topics of the course
  • Facilitation or resource guide: A lesson plan or teacher guide explains everything an educator needs to know to successfully implement the activity with a group of learners, including recommended Kahoot! game settings. Feel free to use these optional resource guides in purple, blue, green or red in your marketplace content

Resource guide

Resource structure ideas for optimal learning benefits

These are some possible ways to structure a learning experience, though the elements and their sequence will ultimately be based on the learning design that best fits each subject area. These examples are meant to spark ideas of how kahoots can be meaningfully integrated into a lesson plan or training session.

  • Introductory kahoot + discussion prompts + hands-on activity + reflection kahoot
  • Warm-up kahoot + video or reading + 2 comprehension kahoots + create your own kahoot
  • Blind kahoot + external interactive + pair work + assessment kahoot
  • Intro video + teaching kahoot + pair research + redo content kahoot + challenge kahoot as homework
  • Do-now problem + teaching kahoot + discussion prompts + create your own kahoot

Explore the examples shown above for inspiration!

Explore the examples shown above for inspiration!

Helpful resources

To support you in creating your resources for the marketplace, check out these helpful resources below:


Marketplace resources

How to create & submit a course for approval

Use this step-by-step guide to create and submit courses for the marketplace.



Frequently asked questions

What is Kahoot!’s marketplace and how does it work?

Kahoot!’s marketplace allows Verified creators and publishers to share and offer their high-quality learning content for sale, directly on the Kahoot! platforms and apps. All users except young users can purchase content offered for sale on the marketplace. All users can access the free content. 

What is a Verified creator?

A Verified creator is a user that has gone through an approval process with Kahoot!, where the quality and accuracy of their content has been evaluated. A Verified creator gets access to a Verified creator profile, and a “Verified” check mark that is visible across kahoot’s platform and apps next to their username. 

On the Verified profile, creators can display both their free and paid resources. They also get access to a community space on their profile where they can share updates with their own followers. The Verified profile also displays the Verified creator’s engagement numbers, a “follow” button, for any user to follow them and get notified when they add new content or post updates, and access to receive donations through a “Donate” button.  

How do I become a Verified creator?

All users (except young users) can apply to become a Verified creator  by logging into their kahoot account and following the link “Go to application” from their homepage (accessible from the top navigation by clicking “Home”) and submitting their application. To become Verified, a user must follow our Terms & Conditions and Community Guidelines. The Verification application can be approved or rejected. When approved, the user becomes a Verified creator.

How do I submit resources for sale?

As a Verified creator, you can upload your resources for sale directly from your profile page by following a few simple steps, including setting the sales price for the resource.  

What makes Kahoot!’s marketplace different from other marketplaces for learning content?

The resources found on Kahoot!’s marketplace combines the unique engagement that our users know and love, with deeper learning activities. The content is created and offered by trusted Verified creators, publishers and Kahoot!. In addition to this, Kahoot!’s marketplace is available globally in a range of languages. Kahoot! reserves the right to review content submitted to Kahoot!’s marketplace and remove content that is illegal or in other ways in breach of our T&Cs or Editorial Guidelines.

What is a Kahoot! course and how is a course different from a kahoot?

A Kahoot! course is a set of lessons or educational activities, including kahoots, that are integrated into a larger learning trajectory. A Kahoot! course is a resource that consists of various activities, such as kahoots, documents, slides, videos and more, that promotes deeper learning and engagement and works towards a specific learning goal. A course may contain one or more kahoots within it. Kahoot! courses are the flagship product on Kahoot!’s marketplace.

For how long do I get access to a Kahoot! course or another marketplace resource once I have paid for it?

Each purchased item, such as a course, is available for one-year unlimited access. The user who purchased the resource will be prompted when this period is about to expire and will have the opportunity to renew the access to the resource if it is still available for sale. Access to purchased resources will not automatically renew.

Kahoot!’s content subscriptions, such as Kahoot!+ AccessPass, is available as a subscription that gives the user annual or monthly access to a full library of resources. These subscriptions automatically renew, but can be canceled at any time. 

Become a creator on Kahoot!'s marketplace

Who can offer their content on Kahoot!’s marketplace?

Verified creators and publishers on a paid plan can submit content to the marketplace. All users can offer content for free.

How can I offer my resources on Kahoot!’s marketplace?

To offer your resources on Kahoot!’s marketplace, you first need to become a Verified creator. All Kahoot! users can apply to become a Verified creator by logging into their kahoot account and following the link “Go to application” from their homepage (accessible from the top navigation by clicking “Home”). Once a user becomes a Verified creator, they will receive a public profile where they can share their content either for free or for sale.  

When you become a Verified creator, you can upload resources to the marketplace directly from your profile page. 

Can I sell existing resources which I currently share for free?

Yes! You can submit existing free resources to the marketplace. You will still have full access to your own resources. You are free to use your resources with your own students or learners in any way you want. 

What features and tools are available to creators?

Kahoot! creator feature and tool set
Available features for creators as of November 8, 2023

  • The Kahoot!+ Max plan offers comprehensive access to all premium creator features, increased payout rates, enhanced search visibility, flexible pricing options for resources, and eligibility for exclusive incentive programs*. See the table below for the full overview.
  • The Kahoot!+ Premier and Start plans give you access to some premium features. See the table below for the full overview.
  • The Kahoot! Basic (free) plan allows you to share your resources for free, and to purchase content from other creators. See the table below for the full overview.
Free account K!+ Start account K!+ Premier account K!+ Max account
Payout rate N/A Payouts on every sale Payouts on every sale Payouts on every sale
Can offer content for free YES YES YES YES
Can offer individual courses for sale NO YES YES YES
Can offer K! Channel subscription NO NO NO YES
Eligible to incentive programs*
(i.e. Receive 100% payout for all
subscribers for one month)
Can list resources at multiple price points N/A NO YES YES
Can receive donations** YES YES YES YES


*In addition to the standard payout rates, Kahoot! may provide extra benefits and payouts to marketplace creators during promotional campaigns. Please note that Kahoot! retains the discretion to introduce time-limited special offers and bonuses exclusively accessible to creators subscribed to a Kahoot! Max plan (or its equivalent legacy plan).”

**Subject to 3rd party processing and transaction fees

Selling and earning

How can I track my sales?

You will be able to track your sales through a seller dashboard in your Kahoot! account.

Who can buy my resources?

All Kahoot! users can buy your resources, with the exception of young users. 

I don’t want to offer a resource for sale anymore. Can I take it offline?

You cannot delete or take a resource offline once it has been offered for sale, but you can remove it from the marketplace at any time. Users who purchased your resource will still have access to it for a year, but will not be able to renew their access at the end of their access period.

I only want to receive donations but not sell any content. Can I do this?

Yes! You can offer all of your content for free on your profile page and still receive donations through the Donate button.


What are the payout rates for my sold resources?

Payout rates* as of November 8, 2023

Free account K!+ Start account K!+ Premier account K!+ Max account
Listed sales price** Payout rate Payout rate Payout rate Payout rate
$2.99 N/A $1.00 $1.00 $1.25
$3.99 N/A N/A N/A $2.00
$5.99 N/A N/A $3.00 $3.00
$9.99 N/A N/A $5.00 $5.00
Can offer individual courses for sale NO YES YES YES
Can offer K! Channel subscription NO NO NO YES


Example of how this would boost your earnings:

If a course is purchased at $3.99, you will be credited $2.00 in your PayPal account. It’s that simple!

*Please note that payouts are made in USD. A third party fee may be incurred when transferring USD to a local currency. Kahoot! may change the payout rates without notice, provided, however, that such changes shall only apply to future sales. In addition to the basic payout rates, Kahoot! may also offer additional benefits and payouts to marketplace creators during campaign periods.

**The listed sales price is the price shown on Kahoot!’s platform and apps and does not include tax.

How will I receive the payout from my sales?

You’ll receive your payouts directly into your PayPal account. It is a requirement to add your PayPal account details when you upload your resources for sale. 

What if my country or region does not accept PayPal?

Currently, it is a requirement to add your PayPal account details when you upload your resources for sale as payouts from your sold resources go directly into your PayPal account. We are working on developing more ways to cater to those who do not accept PayPal in their country or region. Please contact if your country or region does not accept PayPal.

How often will creator earnings be paid out?

Payouts from sales are paid out after the end of each quarter. Donations are received through third party donation websites and are paid out according to the third party’s terms and conditions. License payments are paid out after the end of each month. 

In which currency will I receive the money?

You’ll receive your payouts in $USD (United States Dollars). 

How are the Creator earnings calculated?

All Creator earnings are calculated based on the payout rates per sale less the transaction fee. Please note that Kahoot! reserves the right to change the payout rates without notice, provided, however, such changes shall only apply to future sales. Material changes in payout rates will not be done without notice.

Do I need to pay taxes on the money I receive?

You are responsible for your own taxes and Kahoot! does not bear any responsibility for potential tax obligations that might apply to you. If you are not sure, you should consult with a tax expert in your jurisdiction.

What are the transaction fees?

The transaction fees are the costs involved to facilitate transactions on the Marketplace, such as costs required by our third-party payment providers. Transaction fees vary depending on the payment method, region of purchase and other variables.


Can I still use the resources that I offer for sale?

Yes! You will still have full access to your own resources once they are uploaded for sale. You are free to use your own resources with your own students or learners in any way you want. 

What do I need to consider regarding copyrights?

You are responsible to ensure that you have all necessary rights to the content you upload to Kahoot! marketplace, and that the content does not infringe on copyright or other third party rights. We recommend that you use images from the image libraries made available by Kahoot!. Links to YouTube and Vimeo are permitted but note that these might be removed or changed by the original creators at any time.

Can I edit a resource which is available for sale?

Yes, and the user who purchased the resource will be notified about the changes.

What hashtags should I include to make my content easy to find?

To make your content appear in relevant search results, include the grade level hashtags in your chosen language within your kahoot and course descriptions. For example, if your content is in English and Spanish for grades 1 and 2, you can include #grade1 #grade2 #1erGrado #2doGrado.

English (EN) Spanish (ES) Portuguese (PT) German (DE) French (FR) Italian (IT) Dutch (NL) Polish (PL) Turkish (TR)
grade1 1erGrado 1oanoEF Klasse1 CP 1aelementare groep1 Klasa1Podstawowa birincisınıf
grade2 2doGrado 2oanoEF Klasse2 CE1 2aelementare groep2 Klasa2Podstawowa ikincisınıf
grade3 3erGrado 3oanoEF Klasse3 CE2 3aelementare groep3 Klasa3Podstawowa üçüncüsınıf
grade4 4toGrado 4oanoEF Klasse4 CM1 4aelementare groep4 Klasa4Podstawowa dördüncüsınıf
grade5 5toGrado 5oanoEF Klasse5 CM2 5aelementare groep5 Klasa5Podstawowa beşincisınıf
grade6 6toGrado 6oanoEF Klasse6 sixième 1amedia groep6 Klasa6Podstawowa altıncısınıf
grade7 1erAño 7oanoEF Klasse7 cinquième 2amedia groep7 Klasa7Podstawowa yedincisınıf
grade8 2doAño 8oanoEF Klasse8 quatrième 3amedia groep8 Klasa8Podstawowa sekizincisınıf
grade9 3erAño 9oanoEF Klasse9 troisième 1asuperiore klas1 Klasa1SzkołaŚrednia dokuzuncusınıf
grade10 1roBachillerato 1oanoEM Klasse10 seconde 2asuperiore klas2 Klasa2SzkołaŚrednia onuncusınıf
grade11 2doBachillerato 2oanoEM Klasse11 première 3asuperiore klas3 Klasa3SzkołaŚrednia onbirincisınıf
grade12 3roBachillerato 3oanoEM Klasse12 terminale 4asuperiore klas4 Klasa4SzkołaŚrednia onikincisınıf
grade13 Klasse13 5asuperiore klas5
Ukrainian (UK) Norwegian (NB) Swedish (SV) Danish (DA) Arabic (AR) Japanese (JA) Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Korean (KO)
1клас 1trinn årskurs1 0årgang أولى ابتدائي 小学1年生 一年级 國小一年級 1학년
2клас 2trinn årskurs2 1årgang ثانية ابتدائي 小学2年生 二年级 國小二年級 2학년
3клас 3trinn årskurs3 2årgang ثالثة ابتدائي 小学3年生 三年级 國小三年級 3학년
4клас 4trinn årskurs4 3årgang رابعة ابتدائي 小学4年生 四年级 國小四年級 4학년
5клас 5trinn årskurs5 4årgang خامسة ابتدائي 小学5年生 五年级 國小五年級 5학년
6клас 6trinn årskurs6 5årgang سادسة ابتدائي 小学6年生 六年级 國小六年級 6학년
7клас 7trinn årskurs7 6årgang أولى إعدادي 中学1年生 初一 國中七年級 중1
8клас 8trinn årskurs8 7årgang ثانية إعدادي 中学2年生 初二 國中八年級 중2
9клас 9trinn årskurs9 8årgang ثالثة إعدادي 中学3年生 初三 國中九年級 중3
10клас 10trinn gymnårskurs1 9årgang أولى ثانوي 高校1年生 高一 高中一年級 고1
11клас vg1 gymnårskurs2 1G ثانية ثانوي 高校2年生 高二 高中二年級 고2
12клас vg2 gymnårskurs3 2G ثالثة ثانوي 高校3年生 高三 高中三年級 고3
vg3 3G