Kahoot! Academy is a brand new knowledge platform, global online community, and marketplace for educators

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Amazing! I'm very excited to be a part of this unique platform and looking forward to the future of it.
Satyendra Arora, Verified Educator, Computer Science

What is Kahoot! Academy?

Join millions of educators around the world!

Would you like to connect with other educators who teach the same subject or share the same interests? Then Kahoot! Academy is the place for you! Our brand new knowledge platform, online community, and marketplace lets you access high-quality learning content, whether your students are learning at home or at school, join communities based on various topics and curriculum standards, and follow your favorite content creators through updates.

Kahoot! Academy is currently in its early release stage – and it’s growing fast! We’re currently developing even more opportunities for educators to connect, share, and explore. Stay tuned in the coming months!

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Access high-quality learning content

Kahoot! Academy connects educators from around the world with high-quality content that they can use to engage students in their classroom or those studying at home during distance learning.  Alongside kahoots from Verified educators, Kahoot! Academy offers ready-to-play kahoots from respected publishers, such as National Geographic, Time for Kids, and Cambridge University Press.

Become a Verified educator

The Kahoot! community brings together millions of passionate educators. Help make learning even more awesome by becoming a Verified educator on Kahoot! Academy! As a Verified educator, you can share your kahoots and other learning content on a public profile page that millions of educators and students can access. And, in time, you’ll be able to offer your content on the K! Academy marketplace. Get inspired by checking out Verified educator profiles by Cathy Yenca, Stephanie Castle, and Tom Arntson.

How to become a Verified educator

Log in to your Kahoot! account
Log in to your Kahoot! teacher account or sign up if you’re not registered yet. In the top right corner, click the user icon and navigate to Settings.

Fill out a Verified educator application
In your profile settings, click Register under the Become a Verified educator section. On the next step, fill out the form to apply. Hover over ? icons to get additional prompts as you go.

Submit your application
You can save your application as a draft and get back to it later. Once you’re ready, hit Submit application. Our editorial team will review it and contact you shortly!

What is Kahoot! Academy?

Kahoot! Academy is a unique online community and knowledge platform that lets educators access high quality learning content created by Verified educators and Premium partners. Verified educators share kahoots and other relevant learning resources within their profile pages. The Kahoot! community of millions of educators and students can search these kahoots and choose relevant ones to use in their classes.

What is Kahoot! Academy Connect?

It’s a first-of-its kind community for content sharing, allowing educators to create their own community and network with other educators and learners. Kahoot!’ers are able to “follow” profiles of Verified educators and soon-partners.

Will more functionality be added to Kahoot! Academy?

Absolutely! This is an early release (beta) version of Kahoot! Academy. More awesome functionality will be added throughout 2021, including the newly launched follow and connect features as well as the soon-to-launch Marketplace, where Verified educators and partners can offer their content. Stay tuned!

How do I become a Verified educator?

Follow these instructions to submit your application. On the next step, it will be reviewed by Kahoot! Academy’s editorial team. We’re reviewing each application individually to ensure high quality and relevance of content featured within Verified profiles, so this process might take several days. We’ll get in touch once your application has been reviewed!

Currently, Verified profiles are available to teachers with a Kahoot! Premium subscription. If you don’t have a Premium subscription yet, you’ll get access to a free trial after you’ve submitted your application to become a Verified educator.

What is a Verified educator profile?

A Verified educator profile lets you connect with educators around the world! With a Verified profile, you can share your kahoots, learning resources, social media profiles, and websites with our global community. The Kahoot! Academy team will promote Verified profiles to our community on the Kahoot! website and app. See Verified educator profiles by Cathy Yenca, Stephanie Castle, and Tom Arntson for inspiration.

Do I have to be a Verified educator to use Kahoot! Academy?

No, all Kahoot! users can access learning content within Kahoot! Academy for free. However, only Verified educators will get access to a dedicated Kahoot! Academy profile where they can promote their kahoots, other learning resources, and personal brand.

How does the Kahoot! Academy marketplace work?

We’re planning to launch the Kahoot! Academy marketplace in 2021. We’re currently collecting input from educators to make this offering as relevant as possible. It’ll allow Verified educators and Premium partners to offer their own content in any way they want. We do not plan to charge any sales commission on content distributed by Verified educators within the Kahoot! Academy marketplace. Stay tuned for more updates!