Kahoot! Academy is a new knowledge platform, global online community, and marketplace

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Amazing! I'm very excited to be a part of this unique platform and looking forward to the future of it.
Satyendra Arora, Verified Educator, Computer Science

What is Kahoot! Academy?

Join millions of Kahoot!’ers around the world!

Would you like to connect with other educators who teach the same subject or share the same interests? Or would you like to connect with other like-minded individuals in a similar work environment? Then Kahoot! Academy is the place for you! Access ready-to-use learning content, whether you’re at school, at home or or at work, join communities based on your interests and focus areas, and follow your favorite content creators or unique access to content and updated.

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Access high-quality content

Kahoot! Academy connects content creators, whether educators, consultants, corporate trainers or freelancers, from around the world, with content that they can use to engage learners in-person or virtually. Alongside kahoots from Verified educators and Verified consultants, Kahoot! Academy offers unique content from respected publishers, such as Disney, Marvel, National Geographic, Time for Kids, Britannica, Cambridge University Press and many others.

Become Verified

The Kahoot! community brings together millions of educators and learners. Help make learning even more awesome by becoming Verified on Kahoot! Academy! When you are Verified, you can share your content on a public Verified profile that millions of others can access. And coming very soon: You’ll also be able to offer your content on the Kahoot! Academy Marketplace, for free and commercially. Get inspired by checking out Verified educator profiles by Roger Batchelor, Mme Jen Brown and Suzanie Mat Saat.

How to join Kahoot! Academy

Fill out an application

Log in to your Kahoot! account or sign up. Navigate to Settings in the top right corner then Profile settings. Click Complete application under the Verified profile section. Fill out the form to apply! 

Review these guidelines 

To help you optimize your application, review these guidelines. Here, you’ll find recommendations on profile information, kahoot titles, image use, and more.

Submit your application

You can save your application as a draft and get back to it later. Once you’re ready, hit Submit application. Our editorial team will review it and contact you shortly!

What is Kahoot! Academy?

Kahoot! Academy is a unique online community and knowledge platform that lets educators, students, and business users access unique learning content created by Verified creators and from all over the world, in addition to a range of Premium partners and well known publishers.

What is Kahoot! Academy Communities?

Right inside of Kahoot!, you’ll find a first-of-its kind community for content sharing, allowing educators or business users to create their own communities and network with other like-minded individuals. All Kahoot!’ers are able to “follow” profiles of Verified creators and Premium partners to get access to unique content and updates.

Will more functionality be added to Kahoot! Academy?

Absolutely! More awesome functionality will be added throughout 2021 and into the next few years, including more community features as well as the K! Academy Marketplace, where Verified creators and Premium partners can offer their content, such as Courses, for free or commercially.

How do I join Kahoot! Academy

Follow these instructions to submit your application. On the next step, it will be reviewed by Kahoot! Academy’s editorial team. We’re reviewing each application individually to ensure high quality and relevance of content featured within Verified profiles, so this process might take several days. We’ll get in touch once your application has been reviewed!

What is a Verified profile?

A Verified profile lets you connect with other like-minded individuals around the world! When you join Kahoot! Academy, you gain access to your own Verified profiles where you can share your content social media profiles, websites and updates with a global community. The Kahoot! Academy team will promote Verified profiles to our community on the Kahoot! website and app. See Verified educator profiles by Roger Batchelor, Mme Jen Brown and Suzanie Mat Saat for inspiration.

Do I have to have a Verified profile to use Kahoot! Academy?

No, all Kahoot! users can access learning content within Kahoot! Academy. However, only Verified creators will get access to a dedicated Kahoot! Academy profile where they can promote their kahoots, other learning resources, and personal brand.

How does the Kahoot! Academy Marketplace work?

We’re planning to launch the Kahoot! Academy Marketplace in 2021. We’re currently working hard to build a unique marketplace with ready-to-use content like Courses. On Marketplace, Verified creators and Premium partners will be able to offer their own content for free or commercially. Stay tuned for more updates!

Will Kahoot! Academy continue to be free?

There will always be a great selection of learning content available on Kahoot! Academy, both on the web and in Kahoot!’s various apps.