Creating engaging, differentiated learning experiences is a daily challenging task for teachers. Courses allows educators of all grades and subjects to develop cohesive learning experiences by combining their existing content with other playful, interactive activities to engage students during an entire class period (from the start of class to the end of class). These experiences can be full lesson plans for classroom teaching or blended learning, a set of homework materials or study guides, that are accessible all within Kahoot!.

With Courses, educators can design learning experiences that cater best to their students’ needs to develop deeper learning, all while keeping the engagement high. Teachers can decide which activities to deliver live in the classroom and which ones can be assigned for at home learning. Even more, educators can track student progress throughout the various activities within the course to inform next steps. We will continue to add great features this fall, but you can already get started with our first edition of Courses on the Discover page.

Fun facts about Courses!

There are so many awesome features that we want to share with you! With Courses, you can:

  • Complete the activities in sequential order, or switch from one activity to another depending on students’ needs
  • Follow the progress of your students across the whole course
  • Keep your learners on track by sending reminders
  • Get actionable insights to tailor your following lessons
  • Explore the many soon-to-launch features (stay tuned!)

How to create a Course

  • Log into your Kahoot! EDU account
  • Click Library to easily see all the courses you have created or been assigned
  • Select Create Course to design your own course by choosing learning materials that suit the needs of your course’s learning goal, such as kahoots, documents, and other supporting activities, such as Math Labs by DragonBox
  • Add instructions within each resource to make sure your learners understand the assignments if they are completing the course in their own time
  • Host your course in a live session or assign it for self-paced learning

Coming soon: Kahoot! Math Labs

Kahoot! Math Labs by Dragonbox is a supporting activity that can be used to elevate learning and develop deeper understanding of math concepts for younger students. Complete courses with Math Labs activities for K-3 will be available soon on Kahoot! Academy, but head over to our Discover page for a preview. You can also sign up for a webinar to meet the
creators and see how Kahoot! Math Labs can help you create magical lessons that engage every student in collaborative learning.

Courses will be available for all users to play, for Kahoot! Premium+ users to create, and for Kahoot! EDU users to create, assign and receive reports. Login to Kahoot! to demo a course today!