Kahoot! Publisher

Reach new audiences and boost engagement by gamifying your content with Kahoot!


Kahoot! Publisher helps educational publishers, brands, and content creators transform their content into interactive learning experiences while ensuring control over commercialization.

With Kahoot!’s advanced publishing tools, any educational publisher or content marketer can create engagement-boosting kahoots to increase the impact and reach of their material, both on their platform and on Kahoot!.

Transform your content into interactive kahoots

Create high-quality interactive learning experiences with Kahoot!, thanks to our full range of intuitive tools – including polls, puzzles, and an image library that’s stocked with millions of ready-to-use pictures from Getty Images. What’s more, you can easily import slides and add question types to create interactive presentations!

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Engage up to 1 million players per year

Depending on your plan, up to 1 million learners can play your kahoots every year. Publish your content on Kahoot! for millions of educators, students, and social users to enjoy, or restrict access for a specific group to play for free or as part of your commercial offerings.

Reach audiences focused on learning and education

Achieve maximum reach by publishing your content on Kahoot! – which is home to over 6 million active educators – and gain exclusive access to Kahoot! Academy, a brand-new knowledge platform, online community, and marketplace for educators around the world. Learn more about Kahoot! Academy.

Boost your commercial offerings with kahoots

Use the Kahoot! brand in your marketing and include kahoots in your commercial offerings! Embed kahoots behind a paywall on your digital platforms and share kahoot links and game PINs.

Collaborate with colleagues in a team space

Save time by co-creating and reviewing kahoots in a private team space. An unlimited number of colleagues can work together to create kahoots for one brand page.

Gamify your content, strengthen your brand, and diversify your commercial offerings with Kahoot! Publisher

Depending on your plan, you can:

  • Drive engagement by adding kahoot links to your platforms
  • Promote our partnership by using the Kahoot! brand in your marketing
  • Embed kahoots across your platforms for your users to play for free or at a cost
  • Create game PINs for on-going self-paced challenges
  • Reach millions of users through a Premium partner page on Kahoot! Academy
  • Receive a vanity URL for your Premium partner page
  • Unlock our full suite of advanced question types for creating interactive kahoots
  • Access millions of high-quality pictures in our Getty Image library
  • Benefit from a dedicated Kahoot! Customer Success representative


Available plans


Gamify your content and engage up to 150,000 players per year.

Increase engagement

per brand/month (billed annually)