Kahoot! for schools

How it works

Millions of teachers and students unleash the magic of learning with Kahoot! Create your own kahoot in minutes or choose from 30+ million read-to-play games, play live in class or share student-paced challenges, and dive into game reports to assess learning. Learn how Kahoot! works and get an overview of our free and premium features.

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Creating a game of Kahoot! only takes minutes. You can create one from scratch, use our question bank to mix and match questions, edit a template, or reuse existing games, for example, one of our premium kahoots created and verified by teachers.

Host live

To host a kahoot live in class, you’ll need a big screen so everyone in the classroom can see. Questions and answer alternatives will be displayed on the shared screen, while students answer on their devices.


Make learning awesome inside and outside the classroom! Assign student-paced kahoots that students can play anywhere, anytime on their computer or Kahoot! app. Questions and answers will be displayed on their screens.


After a game, encourage students to create and share their own kahoots! Also, with a Pro or Premium subscription, you can co-create and share kahoots with other teachers in your school.

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Feature overview

You can use Kahoot! for free, or upgrade to one of our premium plans to access advanced features.

Creator features

 Create a quiz in minutes

 Choose one of our pre-designed templates as the basis

 Duplicate and editing existing kahoots

 Import questions from a spreadsheet

 Search from 500M questions in our question bank

 Combine multiple kahoots

 Add drawings in our iOS app

 Insert YouTube videos into questions

 Combine different question types in one kahoot: quiz, poll, puzzle and slide

 Play, duplicate and edit premium kahoots

 Choose high quality images from our image library

 Customize kahoots with your school’s logo or mascot


 Host kahoots live in class

 Get students to play individually or in teams

 Assign student-paced kahoots

 Add multiple choice quiz questions

 Grab attention with true/false questions

 Adjust timer options depending on complexity of question

 Toggle points between 0, 1000 and 2000

 Gather student feedback with polls

 Give more context with slides

 Test deeper understanding with puzzles

 Change up game dynamics with image reveal in questions

Reports & analytics

 Download basic reports in a spreadsheet

 See detailed, visual reports with more insights into class progress

 Share detailed reports with teachers and school admins

 Assign personalized learning in the app

Sharing & organization

 Share games directly with other Kahoot! users

 Share homework through Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Remind, and Apple Schoolwork

 Co-create and share kahoots with other teachers

 Use a team space as your school’s game bank

 Organize kahoots into folders by topic, subject or other criteria

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