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Kahoot! for schools

Interactive lessons

Create and teach interactive lessons in class, virtually or in a hybrid format, engage students and increase participation. No need to switch between multiple tools – you can teach an entire lesson with your kahoot!


How to use interactive lessons with Kahoot! in class and beyond


Introduce new topics

In the beginning of your kahoot, present some key points to introduce new content so students have a better idea of what to expect in this lesson.


Instruct in class and virtually

Kahoot! can be used to teach interactive lessons and engage students both in class and in virtual or hybrid learning.


Pre-assess knowledge

Gather insights that will help you plan your interactive lessons in the best possible way, aligned with where a class currently stands.


Increase participation

Increase focus and motivate students to participate with interactive questions such as quiz, poll, type answer, and more.


Instantly assess learning

With real-time reports, Kahoot! can help you instantly assess how the class feels about a topic so you can adjust your interactive lesson.


Recap on learning content

Add a slide with key points of topics you’ve covered to help students remember the most important information from the lesson.


Reinforce knowledge after lessons

Assign student-paced challenges that learners can complete to study and practice to reinforce knowledge after your lesson.


Foster students' creativity

Encourage students to create their own kahoots. It’s a great way to improve their creativity, research and presentation skills!

“Kahoot! works great for virtual lessons when school is closed.”
Ashley Kollar, 3rd grade teacher, Beekmantown Central School District
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“Teaching with Kahoot! keeps students engaged and shakes up the usual assignments.”
Steve Auslander, 5th grade teacher, Indianapolis
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Top Kahoot! features for creating and teaching interactive lessons

These features will support you before, during and after your lesson to maximize learning:

Add slides - free for all K-12 teachers and students!

Add slides to your kahoot to introduce new topics, provide additional context, or recap on the key points. With a free teacher or students account, you get access to classic slides. In this layout, you can add a short headline, an image and a short explanatory text under it. By upgrading your teacher account, you can unlock advanced slide layouts which will help you get even more creative with learning content.


Import existing slides to save time

Have a good presentation that is a perfect fit for your next lesson? By upgrading your account, you can easily import slides created in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, or from a PDF file straight into your kahoots and add interactive questions between slides.


Host kahoots directly from your PowerPoint presentation

Are you using PowerPoint in your lessons? With our new integration, you can now start a live kahoot directly from your presentation. Whether you teach in class, virtually or in a hybrid format, with our new add-in, you can make your lesson truly interactive by bringing your favorite tools together!


Deepen learning and increase participation with interactive questions

Depending on your subscription, you can combine slides with various question types in one interactive lesson. In addition to multiple-choice quiz, you can add polls (perfect for quick pulse-checks), puzzles (test accuracy by asking students to arrange answers in the correct order), type answer (check knowledge without cues), word cloud and open-ended questions (give students a voice and collect in-depth feedback).


Create lesson plans with kahoot collections

Add several kahoots to a collection that serves as a playlist. For example, you can organize a collection around a specific topic or chapter in the textbook. You can supplement it with a PDF and use it as a plan for a future lesson.


Easily teach via video

Host a kahoot live in class or via a video conferencing tool to teach an interactive lesson. Questions and answers are displayed on a shared screen while students answer on their devices but you can choose to display questions on their devices – which works perfectly in a virtual learning environment.


Control lesson dynamics with additional options

There are numerous features allowing you to control lesson dynamics depending on the goals, for example, controlling the volume when explaining a complex topic. Enabling double points in questions will add extra motivation. Image reveal within questions will get students extra focused and build anticipation.


Send student-paced challenges

In a student-paced challenge, learners see questions and answers on their screen. You can turn off the question timer to promote accuracy, which makes this feature particularly helpful to review content and reinforce knowledge after an interactive lesson.


Watch video tutorial: how to create slides in Kahoot!