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Interactive lessons

Many teachers choose Kahoot! to instruct remotely, present content in a more engaging way, prepare for tests, deepen understanding, and increase class participation. Increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes by using Kahoot! to teach full interactive lessons!


How Kahoot! powers up teaching and interactive lessons

Introduce new topics

Assess prior knowledge to fine-tune instruction, introduce new concepts or present learning content in an interactive format.

Review content and prep for tests

Engage students with content review in class and at home. Many teachers share that using Kahoot! for test prep helps their students achieve better results.

Increase class participation

Increase focus, achieve better dynamics during your class and motivate students to participate by combining slides and interactive question types, for example, quiz, poll and puzzle.

Step up formative assessment

Capture valuable analytics to assess learning outcomes and progress, identify knowledge gaps that need reteaching and target your instruction accordingly.

Engage students anywhere

No matter if you’re teaching in class or remotely, engage your students with interactive lessons for better knowledge retention and learning outcomes.

“Kahoot! helps me engage students in class and for homework, and also works great for virtual lessons even when school is closed.”
Ashley Kollar, 3rd grade teacher, Beekmantown Central School District
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“Slides in Kahoot! work great as checkpoints for topics we’ve just covered, as a way for students to recap and self-assess their understanding.”
Bailey Betik, graduate instructor, Emory University
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Key features for creating and teaching interactive lessons

Engage students with various question types

Tailor kahoot dynamics to your lesson’s goals, get students focused and activate different ways of thinking by combining several question types. In addition to quiz questions, you can add puzzles to test accuracy, questions where the answer is typed to assess deeper understanding, and polls to collect opinions or conduct a quick pulse-check.

Save time by importing slides from existing presentations

Have a good presentation that is a perfect fit for your next lesson? With Kahoot! Premium+, you can easily import slides created in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, or from a PDF file straight into your kahoots and add interactive questions between slides.

Combine interactive questions with slides

Decide on the optimal mix of slides and interactive kahoot questions depending on the topic, goals of your lesson, format of instruction, complexity of content, and your students’ learning needs.

Control lesson dynamics

There are numerous features allowing you to control lesson dynamics depending on the goals, for example, controlling the volume when explaining a complex topic. Enabling double points in questions will add extra motivation. Image reveal within questions will get students extra focused and build anticipation.

Get actionable insights from reports

Visual reports on live kahoots and student-paced challenges will help you assess how the class performed, identify knowledge gaps, and further target instruction. With Kahoot! Premium+, you’ll be able combine reports from several Kahoot! sessions in order to assess student progress over time (coming soon!).

Coming soon: create lesson plans and courses

We’re working on new capabilities for creating lesson plans and courses in Kahoot! Premium+. You’ll be able to combine several interactive lessons into a course, as well as maintain and share instruction manuals for Kahoot!-based lessons with other teachers.

Recommended plan for individual teachers

See how you can create interactive lessons with Kahoot! Premium+:

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