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The College of Southern Idaho champions accessible student engagement with Kahoot! EDU

This is how the College of Southern Idaho is transforming student engagement to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Location: Idaho, USA
Key Takeaways
Start strong. Try starting your course session off with a quick kahoot to review an assigned reading or check for knowledge on a topic before diving in. This can be a great way to take attendance and start the class with a little excitment.
Empower students. With Kahoot! EDU an institution can give student passes, providing free access to Kahoot! for students, letting them create flashcards for independent study or to deliver a class presentation.
Bolster continuous assessment on campus. Check for prior knowledge at the start of the semester, evaluate learning about a new concept to identify any learning gaps and build kahoots around course outcomes to track progress.
Start small. Try building a simple 3-5 question quiz and see how it goes. Familarizing yourself with the Kahoot! platform and using it in a way that feels manageable and relevant to your instruction will provide the best results.
Tiffany Seeley-Case
Tiffany Seeley-Case
Dean of General and Transfer Education
College of Southern Idaho

About our Kahoot! hero
The College of Southern Idaho (CSI) is a public community college in Twin Falls, Idaho serving a diverse student population of over 8,000 students. Tiffany Seeley-Case is the Kahoot! EDU administrator on campus, putting student learning front and center with Kahoot! access for her campus.

The other thing we really like about Kahoot! is instructors can use it to the depth that they want, it can be a really quick quiz, or you can really build your class around the opportunities Kahoot! has. We like that kind of variety and diversity.

Tiffany Seeley-Case, Dean of General and Transfer Education, CSI

Taking student engagement across campus to the next level with Kahoot!

In the U.S., institutions of higher education are using a variety of unique and engaging methods to help their students succeed. Nowhere is that more true, than the College of Southern Idaho, where Kahoot! Is being used by faculty and staff alike to create a welcoming and engaging learning environment. 

The College of Southern Idaho (CSI) is a comprehensive, public community college, located in Twin Falls, Idaho. CSI’s 2021-2022 full-time equivalent was 4,467 and was recently designated a Hispanic-serving institution. This provides funding to institutions like CSI, that support them in strengthening institutional programs and services to expand educational opportunities for Hispanic Americans.

Like many institutions of higher education, CSI serves a diverse student population with a different set of goals and common challenges related to time management, financial resources, and encouragement to complete their learning goals.

Our students come to us from a variety of backgrounds. (…) We have a lot of students who cannot consider college their absolute priority 24/7, so they have to balance their employment and a lot of personal obligations. (…) Based on this, we realized that looking for different avenues of engagement is always important because we have to find a priority for what we do in the midst of all sorts of things that are going on, Kahoot! met that need for us.” -Seeley-Case. 

CSI felt that providing the campus with a Kahoot! EDU institutional site-wide license was a good fit. 

It was a way for us to meet students with a platform they found engaging, that was easy to access, that did not prove an enormous technological challenge, and could be entertaining and educational all at the same time. It allowed us to still have high-quality content, to still meet the educational needs of learners, but to do it in a way that was more engaging and felt like it was on a platform that they would feel native to, they would enjoy using in their educational experience.

Tiffany Seeley-Case, Dean of General and Transfer Education, CSI

Making learning and engagement accessible in the classroom 

As a comprehensive public community college serving primarily Idaho students, especially those located in Twin Falls and the surrounding agricultural communities, tools that provide access to learning are important.

CSI serves not only students entering college immediately following high school graduation but also many returning students or those seeking a credential after many years in the workforce. Many of these returning students did not experience the numerous educational technologies that exist today for K12 students, therefore keeping the barrier low for learning technology is vital for institutions like CSI.

To address these diverse needs, Kahoot! plays a significant role in equalizing in-classroom learning through inclusive, intuitive, collaborative, and game-based learning experiences. In this way, Kahoot! allows students to actively participate and engage with content encouraging different learning styles and making it easier to integrate technology into their education. 

“Some of my non-traditional students are some that seem to like Kahoot!, even more because they have never experienced that technology before. It is an equalizer, where everybody, no matter your background, seems to be able to use Kahoot!” Sarah Renaldi, Assistant Professor, Health Professions.

Even professors think back to their experience as undergraduate students, some may even remember the use of clickers in their courses. Kahoot! has drastically changed the dynamic when it comes to student response during live instruction or asynchronously.

“You remember the clicker? Now you don’t have to buy the clicker, it (Kahoot!) is way cooler, this will be more fun than that.” Perri Gardner, Associate Professor, Political Science.

College students playing a kahoot in class.

I have asked them before in past semesters, do you like when we do a kahoot? Do you want to review another way? And it is unanimous, they all like doing kahoot.

Sarah Renaldi, Assistant Professor, CSI

Integrating Kahoot! for quick assessments and review 

When assigning readings or other at-home work, it can be hard for instructors to stimulate discussion or check for understanding of the course material. Kahoot! is a valuable resource for CSI instructors to quickly assess students and gauge their progress. This is how they can identify areas where additional support may be needed and tailor their teaching strategies accordingly.

The most common way that I use it (Kahoot!) is to assess learning. I assign a reading or a text a week and usually, I am coming with a kahoot afterwards.” – Perri Gardner, Associate Professor, Political Science.

For other instructors on campus, Kahoot! is a great tool to check for understanding while reviewing course material at key points in the semester and ahead of exams. This helps empower students to actively participate in their learning process, preparing them effectively for exams in a manner they find engaging and fun.

Student in a college classroom playing a kahoot.

I mostly use Kahoot! for number one, reinforcing at the end of the chapter (…) and the big one is for exam reviews. I post kahoots for exam review.

Sarah Renaldi, Assistant Professor, CSI

Increasing the engagement (and fun) in student recruitment and outreach 

In Idaho, the majority of high school students do not immediately enter college or university following their high school graduation (go-on rate). The state’s most recent go-on rate for high school students sat at 42% for Fall 2022 enrollment. This go-on rate has been a big focus for Idaho’s State Board of Education, which formed a Higher Education task force in 2017 and has focused heavily on strategies to improve the go-on rate. This means Idaho universities and colleges recruitment and admissions teams have an extra challenge of trying to convince Idaho high school students that college or university is a place they belong. 

Trying to help prospective students envision themselves on a college campus means showing them that campus life is not all about academics, but that there are other pieces to life as a college student that are exciting and inspiring. For the CSI Admissions team, Kahoot!’s features and functionalities are key to infusing a sense of fun into their presentations, tours, and events and helps put potential students at ease in an unfamiliar environment. 

When you start the event or group tour off with a kahoot and with a quiz and a competition, you really get them engaged and excited. Whereas when we start a group tour off without one, the tone is just different; it is just not quite as fun.

Bobbi Stannard, Assistant Dean of Student Access and Outreach, CSI

Easy and intuitive platform for faculty and staff 

Despite having a variety of other instruction tools available to instructors on campus, Kahoot! has proven popular amongst instructors and admins alike. With so many legacy systems needing to be updated and more solutions entering the market, the internal resources to implement, deploy, train, and maintain campus solutions are a big challenge for large and small institutions. 

“Our greatest usage on campus is Kahoot!, and I think that we really both chose that and are continuing it just for ease of use. A lot of our other platforms seem to need a whole bunch of internal support to help get people up to speed, so they take our IT people, our teaching and learning center, and a lot of other resources that we just don’t always have.” -Seeley-Case.

Not only is the feedback positive on how easy Kahoot! is to use, but the platform allows instructors of varying levels of technological savviness to use it in a way they feel comfortable with. Kahoot! can be used for different purposes by each instructor or campus user. 

“Instructors can use it to the depth they want, it can be a quick quiz, or you can really build your class around the opportunities Kahoot! has.” -Seeley-Case.

 “For me, it is more and more become an integrated part of the lecture or the class that I am giving, (…) because you can put in slides as well, and build it into an ongoing lesson, lecture, or experience in the classroom.”  – Perri Gardner, Associate Professor Political Science.

By incorporating Kahoot! into the classroom, CSI succeeded in meeting the needs of all campus members by enhancing the overall learning experience, promoting inclusivity, increasing engagement, and helping bridge the gap for students.For CSI, Kahoot! has proven itself a valuable tool that meets the needs of learners, faculty, and staff alike. Encouraging others to explore Kahoot!, Seeley-Case emphasized the minimal risk involved in trying out the platform. 

I would say, just try it. It is the ultimate platform in terms of low stakes. You are not going to lose anything; you might as well just try it out. Students will find it engaging, and you will find it easy.

Tiffany Seeley-Case, Dean of General and Transfer Education, CSI
Instructor's screen with kahoot.

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The College of Southern Idaho champions accessible student engagement with Kahoot! EDU

This is how the College of Southern Idaho is transforming student engagement to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff.

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