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3 Jan 2020

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Captivating learning without pressure: teacher tips for using Kahoot! slides

Kick off the new year with some new ways to play Kahoot! Our ambassador Steve Auslander explains how adding slides to your kahoots can increase engagement in your classroom.

My students and I absolutely love playing Kahoot! Students love it because it’s fun, and I love it because it helps them learn. I regularly use Kahoot! to engage them in class and sometimes I even surprise them with a kahoot as a reward or to lighten the mood if school has been stressful.

As my student Ande puts it, “you’re learning without realizing it” when we play in class. Now that I can add slides to my kahoots, I’ve been able to take their learning to the next level.

Steve Auslander student reading

Using slides for reading comprehension

Slides allow you to add text, an image or a video between questions. You can use slides to introduce a new topic, provide more context, or present info needed to answer the next question. For example, I like to include slides in my kahoots to test for reading comprehension.

Slides are super fun because you get to learn and read and put it all together with Kahoot!

Avery, student in Steve Auslander's class

On a slide, I will provide an image that instructs my students to turn to a certain page in their textbook. There is no timer on a slide, so when my students are done reading, we continue the kahoot and students answer several questions about the reading. It’s not just an assessment as we discuss each question and how it relates to reading.

Steve Auslander slide

What students say about slides

This style of teaching keeps students engaged and shakes up the usual reading assignments. My students enjoy this activity so much that they wanted to share their reflections on it!

  • Morgan: “You don’t have to be under pressure. You have time to read the pages you are assigned!”
  • Avery: “Slides are super fun because you get to learn and read and put it all together with Kahoot!.
  • Marcos: “What I like about Kahoot! slides is that when we are reading a page, there is no time limit so there is no pressure.
  • Ethan: “I really like Kahoot! slides because when you are playing in social studies, it’s usually boring just writing notes, but Mr. Auslander found a way to make it really fun!
  • Gino: “The slides stop so you can read the page.”
  • Elijah: “Mr. Auslander makes it super fun and you’re learning while playing a competition. It’s way better than doing worksheets!

Steve Auslander class slides

More learning impact

Incorporating slides into my kahoots has made learning even more awesome for my students. Kahoot! is much more than a fun game, and can allow teachers to capture their learners’ attention and help them digest content in an engaging way.

Like my student Grant said, “we can come to school and know that we are going to have fun when we play Kahoot!. It’s just a friendly competition and it never gets old when we play it.” Check out Kahoot! for schools and get started creating and playing today!

Steve Auslander class reading