Inspiring ways to Kahoot!

Formative assessment and review are probably the most typical scenarios when educators initiate a game of Kahoot! However, we are continually blown away by lots of alternative ways our community use Kahoot! beyond the basics. With Kahoot!, YOU are the game designer, so it’s up to you how to play and help learners unlock their deepest potential!

Discover more ways to Kahoot!

Review, revise and reinforce

Revise topics, reinforce knowledge, recap learning, pre-assess and practice before exams. Revision just got twice as nice!

Re-energize and reward

Create a kahoot to break the ice, re-energize a room, reward good behavior or just have a little fun.
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Get classroom insights

Test personal knowledge, evaluate understanding or create a kahoot to assist formative assessment.
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Gather opinions

Think beyond the quiz! Create a kahoot to survey opinions and insights, facilitate discussion and initiate debate.

Motivate teamwork

Kahoot! helps learners develop 21st century skills, including communication and teamwork. Encourage collaboration in your class by playing in team mode.
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Challenge past results

Use Ghost Mode to play against your previous score… or someone else’s! Perfect for challenging knowledge, assessing progress and reinforcing through repetition.
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Join global classrooms

Connect with classrooms in over 180 countries and play a kahoot together in realtime using screenshare.
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Introduce new topics

Create a kahoot to kick-off a lesson, introduce new concepts or preview content. Some Kahoot!’ers call this a ‘Blind Kahoot’!
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Turn learners into leaders

Close the loop on learning! Challenge students to create their own kahoots, individually or in groups to deepen understanding, mastery and purpose.
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Teach other teachers

Plug Kahoot! into your next professional development session. Collaborate with colleagues, introduce concepts and share knowledge.
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