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Assign or play challenges for homework or remote training, join live kahoots and find cool quizzes to play anytime, anywhere. Download the app for free and play Kahoot! on the go!

We added some superpowers for all of you:

For students

  • join classroom kahoots
  • collect your medals
  • play quizzes on your own to train your superpowers
  • challenge your friends for some competition
Kahoot! mobile app: play learning games after class (illustration)

For teachers

  • assign kahoots as homework to make it awesome
  • reinforce learning
  • save time on correcting assignments (students get instant feedback)
  • assess learning progress in real time
Kahoot! mobile app: make homework awesome illustration

For office heroes

  • gamify remote training to make it fun and engaging
  • assign Kahoot! challenges that trainees complete in the app in their time (available in Kahoot! for businesses)
  • get insights into progress and assess learning impact.
Kahoot! Plus - Curious K!rew

For all curious minds

  • find a quiz on any topic and play on the go (perfect for when you commute!)
  • try one of our featured games to perfect your quiz skill
  • play on your own or challenge friends, family or colleagues.

Classroom story feat. Kahoot! app and challenges

See how this teacher of awesome and his students use our app and challenges to make homework awesome. Beautifully played!


What you can do with the app

Here's a quick feature overview:

 Try our single-player mode

 Search among millions of quizzes

 Play in bite-size chunks

 Join games hosted live

 Collect your medals

 Replay games for revision

 Challenge students, colleagues, friends

 Track progress in challenges


Tutorial: how to assign Kahoot! challenges

Step-by-step instructions

NB: To use challenges for remote training in your company, you need a premium subscription to Kahoot! for businesses.

On your computer: log in to your Kahoot! account at kahoot.com.

On your phone: launch the Kahoot! app. Tap the profile icon in the bottom left corner, then tap the settings icon and log in to your Kahoot! account.

On your computer: open the kahoot you like and click on the Challenge button. Decide for how long the challenge should be live and set the deadline.

On your phone: open the kahoot you like, tap Play and choose Challenge friends on the next screen.

Copy the challenge link and share it by email, via messengers, on Google Classroom, Remind, by email, etc. You can also share the PIN of the challenge. For example, write it on the whiteboard.

Let Kahoot!’ing begin! Players need the mobile app to accept and play the challenge.