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Kahoot! for schools

Ways to play

Learn about our different question types, discover distance learning and in-class game modes, and get inspiring tips for connecting with students who are studying at home.

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Play live - via video or in class - or assign student-paced games

Host a live kahoot via videoconferencing to connect with students studying at home or via a big screen in class! Questions and answer alternatives will be displayed on the shared screen, while students answer on their devices. Ace distance learning by assigning student-paced kahoots that students can play at home. Questions and answers are displayed on players’ screens.

Assign self-paced kahoots that students can play anywhere, anytime on their own devices – which is especially handy in distance learning. Questions and answers will be displayed on their screens

Additionally, students can play in single-player mode in our app to practice or just for fun.

Choose the perfect game mode

After you’ve hit Play, choose a game mode to proceed:

Schools - How it works - HostLive-Screenshot

When you host live – either via video or in-person -, students play at the same time and answer every question on their own device, competing for the top score against their peers!


Assign a student-paced challenge for your students to play at home or in class. Questions and answer alternatives appear on students’ devices. It’s perfect for distance learning!

Mix and match question types

Illustration of the Kahoot! quiz icons displayed on a mobile device


Add a multiple-choice question on any topic, for any subject



Test attention and activate students with a simple true/false question


Images as answers

Add images as answers and engage for pre-readers and math students



Do a quick pulse-check or collect feedback with a poll question – no points will be awarded (Pro or Premium subscription required)

Illustration of the puzzle question type being used on a mobile device


Test deeper understanding by asking students to arrange answers in the right order (Pro or Premium subscription required)

Illustration of the type answer question type on a mobile device

Type answer

Test knowledge retention by asking students to type a short answer. (Premium subscription required)

Illustration showing a Kahoot! slide layout


Give more context to questions and present additional info with slides – students need to look up and learn (Pro or Premium subscription required)

How to create a kahoot
How to add polls
How to add slides
How to use puzzle

Adjust game dynamics

Here are some additional settings and options that will put you in full control of game dynamics and help you adjust your kahoot to your students’ learning goals.

When creating a kahoot…

 Adjust timer in each question depending on its complexity

 Raise the stakes or add a bonus question with double points, or give learners a little break in the game by toggling off points

 Use image reveal to build anticipation or give hints (Pro or Premium subscription required)

When hosting a kahoot...

 Randomize order of questions – especially helpful when replaying kahoots for revision!

 Randomize order of answers

 Enable nickname generator to avoid inappropriate nicknames in the game, or help learners get in the game quicker

Millions of teachers and students play Kahoot! to...


Introduce new topics

Assess prior knowledge, introduce new concepts or preview content.


Review content

Identify topics that need follow up and help students practice for their tests.


Facilitate distance learning

Even when your school is out, you can use Kahoot! to connect with students and engage them in learning.


Teach a lesson

Combine quiz with other question types in one seamless and awesome lesson.


Reinforce knowledge

Recap on topics and replay kahoots to improve knowledge retention.


Break the ice and reward

Play a kahoot to kick off a class or use it as a fun way to wrap things up.


Run formative assessment

Use analytics from game reports to assess class learning progress.


Collect student opinions

Add poll questions to your kahoots to gather learners’ opinions or check their understanding of a topic.


Focus on accuracy

Turn off the question timer and assign student-paced kahoots for your class to play anywhere, anytime on a computer or app.


Turn learners into leaders

Encourage students to create their own kahoots, individually or in groups, to deepen understanding and mastery.


Foster creativity & teamwork

Boost collaboration, teamwork and communication by playing kahoots in team mode.


Teach colleagues in PD sessions

Liven up your PD presentations and engage other educators by adding a kahoot to the mix!