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Interactive Presentations with Kahoot!

Create interactive presentations that wow your audience every time

Become a superstar presenter by instantly transforming meetings into impactful experiences with Kahoot!’s interactive presentation tool.

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Effortless integration with leading workplace tools.

Did you know that 53% of presenters
audience engagement is their biggest pain point?

Source: Kahoot! Superstar Presenter Spotlight

3 benefits of making your presentation interactive

1. It keeps your audience involved

Using Kahoot! to deliver your content will let you stay relevant and connected with participants throughout your entire presentation. You can easily go from reciting bullet points to building a two-way interaction that gets people asking, thinking, and doing!

Man presenting a kahoot at work

2. It makes content resonate and stick

Ensuring knowledge retention while presenting can be a big challenge. Kahoot!’s assessment and quiz question types will help you identify knowledge gaps and adjust your talking points as you go.

Woman presenting a kahoot at work

3. It leaves a memorable impression

As a versatile, all-in-one presentation tool, Kahoot! will empower you to unleash your full potential as a presenter, making your session a success and leaving your audience energized.

Woman presenting a kahoot at work

Superstar Presenter Spotlight

Discover how any employee can become a superstar presenter with Kahoot!

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Male presenter using Kahoot! to conduct a Sales presentation

How to make a presentation interactive

Import your slides

Easily add and combine slides from your existing presentations from PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, or PDFs.

Starting from scratch? Save time with our ready-made templates or use our AI presentation tools to instantly generate questions based on any topic.

Kahoot! product screenshot showing import slides feature

Add interactivity

Break the ice with word clouds or drop pins to gauge the mood. Keep the flow using a mix of assessment and feedback question types, like puzzles and polls, to test knowledge and gather real-time insights.

Kahoot! product screenshot showing answers from a brainstorm question

Include stand-out visuals

Upload your media, or save time with our premium, rights-cleared libraries powered by Getty Images and Giphy.
Consider adding a short video from YouTube or Vimeo to deliver a memorable interactive presentation

Kahoot! screenshot showing stand-out visuals

Customize your content with themes

Reflect your brand identity and tailor your content for any setting using themes. By adding a logo and a background, you can create content that’s easy to maintain and distribute, with consistent visuals from project to project.

Product screenshot showing a branded kahoot


Track audience participation and progress

Want to know if engagement has improved? Use player identifier to easily track participation rates through secure email verification. Combine reports from multiple interactive presentations to identify knowledge gaps and customize your content to match your audience’s needs. Following up on the data has never been easier!

Product illustration with a graph mockup

Recommended plans

(see all plans)

Kahoot! 360 Starter
$10 per host
per month
$120 billed annually
$19 per host
per month
$19 billed monthly
This plan is best for
  • Up to 20 participants per session
  • Quizzes and polls
  • Kahoot! colors and branding
  • Ideal for smaller teams
Top choice for presenters
Kahoot! 360 Presenter
$29 per host
per month
$348 billed annually
This plan is best for
  • Up to 50 participants per session
  • Presentation slide import
  • Quizzes, polls, word clouds, and brainstorms
  • Variety of colors and professional backgrounds with your logo
  • Perfect for hosting interactive sessions
Now enhanced with AI
Kahoot! 360 Pro
$54 per host
per month
$648 billed annually
This plan is best for
  • Up to 2000 participants per session
  • AI-assisted slide creation with interactive questions and surveys
  • Variety of colors and professional backgrounds with your logo
  • Guided and self-paced courses with tracking
  • Popular with trainers, HR, and internal comms
Starting from 2 licenses
Kahoot! 360 Pro Max
$49 per host
per month
$588 billed annually
This plan is best for
  • Up to 2000 participants per session
  • AI-assisted slide creation with interactive questions and feedback features
  • Customizable branding, colors, and logo
  • Employee training with courses, reports, and certificates
  • Great for consulting, sales, and marketing
All prices exclude VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an interactive presentation?

An interactive presentation is an experience that combines traditional presentation slides with interactive questions that elevate audience engagement and boost the overall impact of the presentation.

Why use Kahoot!’s interactive presentation tool?

Kahoot!’s presentation tool and dynamic question types offer a flexible solution to create content with a perfect mix of informative slides and interactivity. They’re great for delivering presentations in any professional setting, from helping employees learn in the flow of work to elevating team meetings and increasing event engagement.

How can I access Kahoot!’s interactive presentation tool?

You can access Kahoot!’s interactive presentation tool by logging in to your account and accessing the Kahoot! creator. Most of the advanced features including pre-made themes, slide importer tool, premium images, slide reactions, and more, are available on Kahoot! 360 Presenter. Check out all plans to find the one that works best for you and your team.

Is Kahoot!’s interactive presentation platform easy to use for beginners?

Kahoot!’s platform is intuitive and user-friendly, making it suitable for everyone across the organization. It offers an extensive image library and a variety of ready-made templates, easy-to-use question types, and AI-powered tools to help presenters seamlessly create and deliver interactive presentations.

What’s the best use of an interactive presentation creator tool?

Kahoot!’s interactive presentation tool can be used to create kahoots for any in-person, virtual, or hybrid session including events, meetings, corporate training, and employee onboarding.

How is AI used for Kahoot!’s interactive presentations?

Kahoot! offers several AI-powered creation tools including the question generator, PDF-to-kahoot generator, and course converter. These tools will help you save time on content creation and editing, transforming any presentation into an engaging experience in a matter of seconds.

How does Kahoot!’s AI-powered interactive presentation tool work?

By simply entering a prompt, the AI-assisted question generator will instantly create a kahoot with 10 multiple-choice questions. You can then review the questions and add them to your kahoot, or generate more from the same prompt. This feature is great for topics with publicly available information, such as leadership, communication, and project management.

To make complex topics easier to digest and understand, the PDF-to-kahoot generator extracts relevant questions and answers from any PDF to create an engaging kahoot.

Finally, if you’re looking to create content for on-the-go learning, the AI-assisted course converter can repurpose an existing PDF and automatically turn it into an interactive story format that can be added to courses.

The path to interactive presentations starts here!

Engage up to 20 participants
Q2-2021- Kahoot! at Work
The classic Kahoot! quiz

Make your team meetings or social work events fun and interactive by asking quiz or true-or-false questions to reinforce key messages.

Illustration of a circle diagram representing the poll question type

Add up to four options for participants to choose from before discussing the outcomes as a group.

Become a superstar presenter
A male and female presenter standing in front of a screen showing a kahoot brainstorm
Illustration showing a Kahoot! slide layout
Interactive presentations

Import a presentation deck or create slides directly in the Kahoot! platform. Add quizzes, polls, and discussion questions for an engaging session. Give your kahoot a professional look and feel: Select a background and colors, include pictures (select from a premium image library powered by Getty Images) or add your logo.

polling and discussion icon
Polling and discussion question types

Collect ideas, get real-time feedback, and spark conversations with brainstorm and word cloud.

Integrations icon

Integrate Kahoot! with your leading workplace tools, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, PowerPoint, and more. Host seamless and engaging video meetings and maximize engagement.

Train and engage your audience
AI assisted icon
AI-powered interactive presentations

With the help of AI, it only takes seconds to make meetings and presentations fun and interactive. Start from a topic, document, URL, or video and instantly get questions or whole kahoots generated.

courses icon
Instructor-led and self-paced courses

Engage participants in a variety of learning scenarios, with options to complete courses as assigned self-paced kahoots or in live group sessions. Access training reports measuring individual participation, course completion, and satisfaction.

NPS icon
NPS®️ Scale

Assess participants’ satisfaction and likelihood to recommend a company, product, or experience based on a single question. This feature is perfect for measuring employee engagement and creating post-training feedback surveys.

The complete, branded Kahoot! experience
engage icon
All-in-one tool for engagement - internally and externally

License to use Kahoot! for sales, marketing, and customer experience. Drive engagement and collaboration within your teams and use kahoots to inspire customers and prospects.

AI assisted icon
AI-powered interactive presentations and courses

With the help of the Kahoot Generator, it only takes seconds to make meetings, presentations, and courses fun and interactive. Start from a topic, document, or URL and instantly get questions or whole kahoots generated.

courses icon
Training courses with certificates

Build structured training courses by linking a series of kahoots or stories into a single learning experience. Participants can complete these in their own time and get a course certificate upon completion.

icon branding
Company-wide custom branding

Personalize your kahoots to reflect your brand. Add your logo, colors, and custom themes as background for your presentations.