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Liftoff: Break barriers and build relationships at work with Kahoot!

When your company expands quickly, it’s crucial for the culture to connect everyone on the growing team. Liftoff, a mobile app marketing startup, uses Kahoot! to build relationships across their global offices.

February 19, 2018

FastFacts Liftoff

Meet Liftoff, a California-based mobile marketing company that knows how to make any mobile advertising campaign take off. According to Deloitte’s 2017 North American Technology Fast 500, they’re one of top 10 fastest growing tech companies in the U.S., based on revenue growth. Moreover, their team skyrocketed from 50 to 100+ employees last year in 6 locations globally. The rocket in their logo is a perfect symbol!

When your company expands so rapidly, you need to give some serious thought to how you connect the growing team. Liftoff found a great solution in Kahoot! Nicole Bansal, Global Events Marketing Manager, shares how they use Kahoot! for team building.

Liftoff playing Kahoot! in the office

Similar to many other companies, I learned about Kahoot! from a colleague’s child, who loved playing it at school. Similarly to school kids, adults like to learn, play, compete, and celebrate so it “clicked” with us right away. Here’s where our journey with Kahoot! has taken us ever since.

How Kahoot! helps us build a connected team

The Kahoot! platform may be simple and straightforward, but it is a powerful tool for breaking down barriers and connecting the team. Building a strong and well-connected global team has always been one of Liftoff’s strategic priorities. In 2017 alone, we opened two new offices in Tokyo and Paris.

With so many newcomers, it’s tricky to keep up and get to know each other properly, particularly outside our work lives. We use Kahoot! as a tool to change that. Every December, Liftoff hosts an international all-hands week where colleagues from all across the globe meet in our head office for a week. During this time, we break into teams and play a 45-minute, multi-round Kahoot! game. Teams are mixed up to span across various departments and offices so people that don’t often work closely together are required to compete together to achieve a common objective.

Kahoot! is a powerful tool for breaking down barriers and connecting the team.

The Kahoot! session includes some questions about the company but, more importantly, it focuses on facts and news about our people. In a way, it’s one massive “selfie kahoot” that helps us learn more about each other. Every year, Liftoffers tell the marketing team how much they enjoy the engaging and competitive nature of the game, and how it helps them break barriers with employees they don’t get the opportunity to interact with on a day-to-day basis.

During the game, live leaderboard scores and feedback between questions keeps it all extremely dynamic and competitive! We ensure there’s always a good reason to compete: the winning team typically gets a prize, and also the privilege to challenging losing teams to do something funny (or weird).

Case study: Liftoff plays Kahoot! for teambuilding

Nicole hosting a kahoot for the team

Breaking the ice at events too

We apply similar thinking to the external customer-facing events we organize as well. Prior to certain events, we collect info about the attendees and their companies, and build a customer-centric kahoot based on those facts. With Kahoot! Plus, we can run it in our own branded template to create consistency.

Playing Kahoot! quickly breaks the ice and can kick off some great networking among the participants. We pull lots of data on every company in attendance and every once in awhile, a customer misses a question about his or her own company – expect a lot of noise and jokes from colleagues to follow!

Put your minds together and co-create kahoots!

I love how easy it is to create a new kahoot. Once the topic is set and I have the content I need, it usually only takes me an hour or two to put the questions together.

Since we upgraded to Kahoot! Plus, we also collaborate on games in our shared area - in fact, I’d say it’s our favorite new feature.

Typically, we have anywhere from two to five Liftoffers working together to create a kahoot at any given time. Sections are assigned to each individual, and the game is ready to go in no time!

How to boost your kahoot creation and hosting skills

If you’re only starting your Kahoot! journey, here are a few tips and tricks that I think might be useful:

  1. Content is king. Do the research and collect relevant info before you start creating questions – it saves a lot of time!
  2. Add some humor to the questions, especially if the content you’re working with is a bit dry.
  3. Add stimulating visuals such as photos, gifs, and videos to your quiz.
  4. Create branded templates for games on Kahoot! Plus that your colleagues can reuse.
  5. When hosting a longer kahoot, split the game into multiple rounds to keep the engagement level high and allow for bathroom breaks.
  6. Don’t rush through the questions. Use Kahoot! as a storytelling tool – share some additional info between questions and always remember to look at at the leaderboard to drive competition!
  7. Use the hosting experience as an exercise for your public speaking skills in a friendly atmosphere – the stage is yours!
  8. Continue the experience after the game itself. For example, prizes or a post-game celebration are great ways to allow people to continue interacting and discussing the same content after the game.
  9. Stay in shape by playing in the mobile app. Kahoot!’s mobile app has some fantastic trivia games on any topic you can think of and can be a great way to pass the time on a morning commute.

A team that plays together stays together! Gamify your team building sessions like Liftoff did – sign up for Kahoot! Plus today!

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