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Facebook success story: How Kahoot! fulfills the dream of any trainer

In a video interview, Leo Silva, sales training partner at Facebook LATAM, shares how Kahoot! quickly won over both trainers and trainees with its simplicity and friendly, competitive format.

April 25, 2019

The first time I tried Kahoot! was in 2016 when we were running a big training session for new hires, including a class of interns. We wanted to make it fun and memorable for them so that their journey at Facebook would be off to an amazing start. Kahoot! turned out to be a perfect match, and became the go-to training tool for myself and other trainers in the company.

We did try to gamify our training sessions prior to that, but most of the solutions we tried were too time-consuming. We’d need to install some software, which would also require approval from our IT, then we’d have to print out some handouts, and so on.

In contrast to this, Kahoot! quickly won us trainers over with its simplicity. You only need a computer connected to the internet, a screen, and mobile phones – and then it takes seconds to get started. Trainees wouldn’t need to install anything, or prepare and figure out how the tool works.

With its interactive, fun format, Kahoot! immediately changes the atmosphere in the room.

People get really charged by the friendly competition. They want to be at the top in the game, so they pay more attention during a session – that’s the dream of any trainer coming true! The catchy Kahoot! tune also brings energy. Most of the tools we tried before didn’t have any music, so this is another thing that makes Kahoot! unique.

Based on my 3-year experience with Kahoot!, here’s what I think makes it so helpful for trainers:

  • Saves time: creating a quiz for your session only takes minutes. During the session, neither you, nor the trainees need to install or configure anything.
  • Gives immediate feedback: you can see the results and immediately spot if some questions need additional explanation.
  • Engages any audience: trainees pay more attention because they really want to win!
  • Improves knowledge retention: the interactive format helps people remember more of the content covered in the session.

Kahoot! quickly spread across different departments in the company. Many of the new hires we trained back in 2016 brought it with them to their teams, so Kahoot! is now played in team meetings, events, and big conferences.

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