Gamify your content with Kahoot!

Calling all publishers and content owners! Turn your content into games that will engage your audience, include Kahoot! games into your commercial offerings and gain access to premium publishing tools. We’re introducing Kahoot! Plus for publishers:

$40/user/month, billed annually


What you get with Kahoot! Plus for publishers

Gamify your content to boost engagement

Turn your content into games to make it even more engaging and fun. The interactive, lean-in format of Kahoot! keeps any audience on the edge of their seats! To join a game, players only need a mobile device with an internet connection, whether playing in a group or as a single player.

Kahoot! Plus for publishers: gamify your content

Include Kahoot! games in your commercial offerings

Whether you’re offering your digital or print products for free or for purchase, Kahoot! Plus for publishers allows you to add games to the mix. Additionally, your subscription gives you a license to use the Kahoot! name and logo as part of your related product offerings and associated communications.

Publishers benefit Commercial Offerings

Choose which audiences can play your games

Offer access to the kahoots you create for your audiences only via your digital platforms, or also for the community on the Kahoot! platform – the choice is yours! Kahoot! Plus for publishers leaves you in full control of your content distribution with premium visibility and access controls for each kahoot.

Publishers benefit Audience Controls

Get premium kahoot creation tools

Create and edit kahoots together with your colleagues in a private, shared space. Having all content accessible to your team will save you time on reviewing and the iteration process.

Get premium kahoot creation tools in Kahoot! Plus for publishers

Brand pages at a glance

An additional offering for publishers and other content owners who’d like to give their audience easy access to a wider number of kahoots in a custom-branded microsite.

Brand pages offer publishers the exciting opportunity to create a branded microsite on Kahoot! accessible externally without a Kahoot! account and the need to log in. In this space, publishers can establish a stand-alone location and brand voice on Kahoot! to showcase their content in kahoot games and engage audiences on any topic. See examples of brand pages created by these publishers:

Kahoot games within brand pages can be easily organized based on a publisher’s chosen topics/themes. And for the first time, publishers can offer their audiences a single link to access all of their kahoots – with no Kahoot! log-in required to play! To request more information and a quote, please contact us:


Brand pages at a glance

Customizable branding

Add your logo, custom background image and a written description for brand connection.

Create & organize games

Create up to 100 kahoots per brand page and organize them based on relevant topic areas/filters. The “Top kahoots” section is reserved for 3 kahoots you’d like to highlight – you can update them as desired!

Engagement analytics

Share your brand page link on your own website, through social media, etc. and promote your own web property with a link from the brand page itself. To monitor audience engagement, view game usage analytics.

Best practices

As you’re developing your brand page, you can gain access to Kahoot! expertise in creating high-quality games and learn more about best practices.

Additional opportunities for amplifying your brand voice

Featured campaigns on Kahoot!

Kahoot! already cooperates with some of the world’s most exciting publishers, entertainment companies and media agencies to amplify their K-12 audience reach. Based on December 2017, Kahoot! engages more than 70 million unique monthly active users and is used in countries around the world. In the US alone, over half of all K-12 students play at least one kahoot game in any given month.

Interested to engage active Kahoot! users? Send us an email at for more information about running a global or country-specific campaign and associated pricing.


Kahoot! has years of expertise in captivating audiences at live and virtual events. To explore how Kahoot! can make your event come to life, learn more about our premium product for events.

Here are a few videos from Kahoot! event partners:

European Banking Federation | Air France | HBO Nordic

Frequently asked questions about Kahoot! Plus for publishers

Can I publish my kahoots onto my web page?

Yes, you stand free to publish your content on any sites. It could be on your web page(s) for free access or on a page that requires login. It’s possible for your website visitors to preview and play kahoots even without a Kahoot! account.

How do I embed my kahoots into my website?

Simply copy and paste the URL for a specific kahoot, and embed the link on your web page.

Will players be able to copy and edit my kahoots?

As a publisher, we give you the freedom to choose. You can allow players with a Kahoot! account to find, duplicate and edit your kahoots or you can block them from being duplicated and edited in the kahoot’s visibility settings.

Can I change the visibility of my kahoots?

Publishers can manage the visibility of a kahoot they’ve created. By setting visibility of a kahoot to “unlisted”, the Kahoot! will not appear in search on the Kahoot! platform and will only be accessible via direct link to the game.

How does a brand page work?

We can provide partners with a complete branded page, where up to 100 of your kahoots can be presented in one web page accessible without a Kahoot! account. You are able to design the page with your own logo, cover image and link to your home page. We can also highlight top kahoots and organize the content into any numbers of categories. Finally, the page is indexed in Google so people can easily find your content when they search for it. Pretty awesome.