Teachers and educators worldwide are using Kahoot! to transform learning into an interactive and dynamic experience. By harnessing Kahoot’s features to engage students, assess understanding, and foster a love for learning, educators have significantly impacted students’ learning and academic achievement. A new meta-analysis of independent research reveals that using Kahoot! on average shifts academic performance on a typical test by a full letter grade.

How can every educator achieve these great results?

We have created the Kahoot! Learning Experience model – helping educators to understand all the impactful features that Kahoot! has to offer, and how to use them effectively. This model assists teachers in selecting the right tools and pedagogical strategies, saving teachers valuable preparation time in teaching and in assessment!

The Kahoot! Learning Experience starts with time-saving efficient preparation and results in great achievements that can be celebrated by the whole class. In between, there is everything that an effective learning cycle includes: engaging instruction, practice, exploration, assessment, and reflection, followed by review and consolidation on the way to mastery.


Let’s explore the Kahoot! Learning Experience through these six lenses:

Efficient Preparation

Our surveys indicate that the number one thing teachers hope to have are tools that save valuable time. With Kahoot!, you can prepare lessons and lectures, or even longer-term courses quickly and efficiently.

The Kahoot! platform has over 100 million free kahoots for everyone to choose from, largely created by other educators. So you are always able to search for and start instantly using a kahoot that perfectly fits your needs.

Also, our curriculum-aligned content and AI-assisted kahoot creator will help educators easily prepare great learning moments for their students.

Impactful Instruction

Kahoot! transforms teaching and learning into a dynamic experience. By using interactive presentations, sparking conversation through classroom discussions, and gamifying quizzes, teachers capture students’ attention and engage them in instructive classroom activities. 

This is an excellent start towards impactful teaching moments, resulting in deeper understanding and mastery.

Playful Practice

Learning stems from hard work, and learning difficult and complex concepts is never easy.

But learning sure can be an enjoyable and playful journey from a learner’s perspective. Kahoot! has many features that give a learner the possibility to explore and practice individually or as a part of a group.

For individual learners Kahoot! offers self-paced practice modes with flashcards. Or, students can work together during team challenges, in which peer collaboration strengthens social bonds and collective learning. Teachers can also empower students to create their own kahoots, becoming active contributors, which encourages ownership and creativity.

Effective Assessment

Beyond multiple-choice questions, Kahoot! offers diverse question types like polls, brainstorming, and open-ended prompts. Teachers can assess understanding, gather feedback, and adapt instruction based on real-time results. Its assessment is made interactive.

Kahoot!’s advanced reporting tool gives teachers possibilities to use the insight automatically gathered from kahoots for both formative and summative assessments. Teachers can adjust instruction based on student performance generating a continuous feedback loop for improvement. Kahoot! can also serve teachers when evaluating overall learning outcomes.

Memorable Review

With the help of Kahoot! teachers are able to identify areas where students need support and provide targeted coaching and remediation. Kahoot! can also be a personalized assistance for struggling learners. In self-practice mode, difficult questions are automatically repeated for students who answered them incorrectly the first time.

Students recall concepts better when they actively participate and compete. So, whether it’s a quick recap or a comprehensive review, Kahoot! ensures that learning sticks in students’ minds.

Group Achievement

Kahoot! is filled with tools that foster collaboration. Students can participate individually or in teams, celebrating group achievements. It’s not just about individual scores; it’s about collective success and shared learning experiences.

How can educators learn more about Kahoot! tools in a concrete way? One really good starting point is to become Kahoot! Certified with our free program. It consists of three 30-minute courses where you’ll learn the essential skills to use Kahoot!. We also have a series of short and easy-to-learn professional development courses aligned with the Kahoot! Learning Experience that can be found here.

In summary, next time you think of Kahoot!, remember that it’s more than just a quiz—it’s an educational adventure!

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