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How Kahoot! is used to make learning awesome in higher education

Make lectures interactive

Combine quiz, polls, word cloud and other question types with slides to instruct in a more engaging way remotely or in class.

Instruct remotely

Host games live via videoconferencing or send self-paced games to engage students in distance learning.

Engage hundreds

Engage hundreds of students via video conferencing or in class to make your lecture memorable.

Teach future teachers

Kahoot! is especially popular with faculties of education. Empower future educators with new ways to instruct and interact with learners.

Pre-assess knowledge

Before you start a topic or course, host a game to assess current level of knowledge, identify gaps and adjust your plan accordingly.

Review content and prepare for tests

Recap on the most important content and make test prep less stressful for your students.

Break the ice and spark discussion

Lighten up the mood and lower the threshold for asking questions even when instructing remotely.

Gauge student opinions

Use polls and word cloud questions to collect opinions and encourage reluctant students to have a say.

Facilitate student presentations

Encourage students to create kahoots together to present results coming out of their group work.

Motivate attendance and drive retention

Give students an extra incentive to attend your next lecture and complete the entire course.

Connect in student organizations

Student leader? Play Kahoot! to help members connect and develop a strong culture together.

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"Engaging in a fun, interactive activity like Kahoot! is way more efficient when it comes to remembering content, compared to just listening to the lecturer.”
Bailey Betik, graduate instructor at Emory University, GA

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"One of the biggest advantages of using Kahoot! is that most of my students are familiar with it from their school years. When they start at the university, the transition is seamless!"
Olga Filippova, Senior lecturer, University of Auckland

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How Kahoot! can empower you depending on your role


 Make your remote or in-class instruction more engaging

 Assess knowledge

 Achieve better learning outcomes and lecture attendance

 Build better rapport with students

School leaders

 Adopt new, more interactive ways to instruct

 Improve attendance and student retention

 Gamify student recruitment, onboarding and orientation

 Integrate game-based methods into staff training

IT admins

 Support distance learning

 Help lecturers bring content together in a shared game bank

 Easily roll out across the campus with a site license

 Save time and resource on set up


 Review content and study at home

 Create kahoots to present individual or group projects

 Play socially to bond with your peers (virtually, too!)

 Use in student organizations to build a shared culture

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