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Kahoot! is the all-in-one engagement, teaching, assessment, and review tool loved by millions of teachers, students and admins around the world.

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Get everything you need for back-to-school in one tool, from student-led game modes to boosting classroom collaboration with our latest features.

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Play Kahoot! 101 challenges to discover our latest features and new ways of using Kahoot! in your classroom with weekly chances to win your wishlist! Read the official rules here

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Kahoot! EDU Fall Meetup 2023

Teachers and admins, watch our FREE virtual PD event to learn how you can maximize classroom engagement with our all-in-one teaching platform.

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Quickly and easily create learning games with your own lesson content or get a head start with customizable pre-made kahoots ready to play instantly!

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Host a live game in person or remotely with questions and content slides on the big screen or share an asynchronous kahoot for students to complete at their own pace.

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Game on! Students follow lesson content and answer questions on their devices, assessing and reinforcing what they’ve learned.

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Discover a Kahoot! template for every classroom need

Don't start from scratch! Get started with these templates to create engaging icebreakers, introduce new topics, assess knowledge, and reinforce learning!

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Learn how educators around the world are using Kahoot! in their classrooms with these teacher tech tips and tutorials to spark new ideas for boosting student engagement!

Reach new heights with Tallest tower

Learn strategies from our Kahoot! Ambassador community to help bring Tallest tower to your lesson plans

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Using Kahoot! to introduce new topics

Learn how our teacher community is using Kahoot! to empower students to explore their knowledge of a new topic with Kahoot! tools.

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Chill art brings a new level of zen to classroom curriculum

Learn from Kahoot! Ambassadors to make learning awesome, while preserving the peace and calm of focused learning.

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Submarine squad for content, collaboration, and celebration!

Learn how teachers everywhere have embedded Submarine squad into their daily classroom routines!

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Join our global community of verified creators!

Open up new opportunities to grow your brand, connect with like-minded educators, and sell your content to millions of learners this back-to-school season.

Save time creating lessons with ready-made kahoots

Choose from thousands of high-quality kahoots for any subject and grade level, created by verified educators and exclusive content partners, and ready to play right away!

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Save time, simplify lesson planning, and maximize student engagement with AI-enhanced teaching tools and gamified learning experiences!

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Kahoot!+ Premier for teachers
Engagement set
Gamify student-led learning
  • Student-led game experiences
  • Customizable characters
  • Fun premade themes
Feedback set
Build future-ready learning skills
  • Poll questions
  • Drop pin responses on images
  • Give feedback on a scale (coming soon)
Presentation set
Enrich your lesson content
  • Advanced slide layouts
  • Import existing slides
  • PowerPoint integration
Kahoot!+ Max for teachers
Premium content set
Supplement your curriculum
  • Premium ready-made content created by verified educators and publishing partners
Precision set
Help students master learning content
  • Pin answer for graded responses (coming soon)
  • Slider questions with correct range
  • Type answer for exact wording
  • Challenges without deadlines
Assessment set
Assess student progress
  • Download student reports
  • Combine reports for progress monitoring
  • Access entire course reports
Classroom culture tools
Collaborative learning experiences
  • Assign custom teams in team modes
  • Create custom names for teams
  • Personalize kahoots with custom themes