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Remote training


How to assign Kahoot! challenges for self-paced, virtual training

October 1, 10 am CDT / 5 pm CET

Learn how to use self-paced Kahoot! challenges to facilitate engaging virtual training for your team.

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Company culture


Strengthen company culture with Kahoot!

October 6, 10 am CDT / 5 pm CET

Learn how to empower all employees and connect them with social learning experiences.

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Onboarding training


How to use Kahoot! for onboarding training

October 15, 10 am CDT / 5 pm CET

Learn how to effectively onboard new employees in the most engaging and stress-free way.

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Kahoot! Tournaments


How to host Kahoot! Tournaments

October 22, 10 am CDT / 5 pm CET

Learn how to supercharge your next event with engaging and competitive tournaments.

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Kahoot! 360


Kahoot! 360: The next generation of corporate learning

October 29, 10 am CDT / 5 pm CET

Learn how to connect your entire organization with our powerful and collaborative platform.

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Webinars on-demand for business

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How to deliver an interactive presentation
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How to assign self-paced Kahoot! challenges
How to connect remote teams and build company culture
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