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Product training made awesome: light up your trainees’ faces with Kahoot!

Light up training! In our video case study, discover how Western Lighting, a leading lighting agency in Southern California brought up a fun spark into product trainings for contractors, distributors and electricians with Kahoot!

June 7, 2019

Western Lighting originally came across Kahoot! at a training event. Then, a rep from Lutron Electronics – the lighting solutions they deliver training on – used it to survey the audience, as well as test audience understanding of key information. Since Western Lighting deliver about ten training events every single month in the Southern California region, it was a no-brainer to incorporate Kahoot! into their sessions!

A go-to, multi-purpose tool for training

Western Lighting found that Kahoot! improved the dynamics in their presentations, by making it easier to poll attendees. Primarily, they use Kahoot! to survey the audience’s knowledge in the field and also test their comprehension with quizzes, to “drive home key concepts”. Since Western Lighting work with customers and distributors from diverse backgrounds, Kahoot! became an accessible solution for all levels of existing knowledge, and can be easily personalized.

Scott Stevens, Residential Systems Sales at Western Lighting, delivers trainings constantly, and uses Kahoot! to both warm up the audience at the start of his sessions, and as a recap at the end of the day. His favorite element is that it’s simple to understand and navigate, as well as having the competitive element, which can help facilitate head-to-head challenges.

Customer engagement has increased 100% since using Kahoot! in our trainings

Jimm Reifsnyder, Principal at Western Lighting

Top tips for an awesome kahoot

Add a personal touch
Include a funny joke question to keep the atmosphere light and to break up heavier content. As Andrew Snyder, Systems Sales Engineer at Lutron Electronics states, “[Kahoot!] brings out the kid in the adults a lot of times”.

Incentivize participants
Western Lighting also always gives prizes to the top three players to increase engagement. Even a $10 Starbucks gift card will make the audience more excited to participate.

Make it part of your culture
Scott states that you can use Kahoot! “to drum up your business throughout the day”. The more customers associate the fun of Kahoot! with your organization, the more memorable your company becomes, which can mean real business growth!

Sign up for your Kahoot! for business account today!

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The K!rew June 7, 2019

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