Fast Facts Valerenga

Vålerenga Fotbal is one of the leading soccer clubs in Norway’s top league, based in its capital, Oslo. We have loyal fans from all over the city coming to our home ground, Initility Arena, to watch our games and support us all year long.

Kahoot! is extremely popular in its home country, Norway, not only at school and at work, but also played at many social and sport events. We tried it for the first time four years ago to engage our fans who come to see our home games, and have been consistently using it ever since.

Engaging thousands of fans at the home arena

We started playing Kahoot! at the arena to get the audience engaged with our club and our brand even more, tell them more about our players, our history, and enhance club loyalty so they keep coming back throughout the season. We started creating quizzes based on facts from our club’s 100 year history, our players, game stats and sponsors – basically, things that would promote more awareness among our fans.

When a kahoot is hosted during half time, questions are displayed on large screens, and fans answer on their smartphones, using either their mobile data or the arena’s WiFi. The Kahoot! team has been very helpful throughout our journey to make sure our games go flawlessly in a setting like this, with thousands of people participating in a kahoot.

Competitive spirit in the air with Kahoot! tournaments

It’s an achievement to win a game, but getting to the top of your league by the end of season is a continuous effort. Inspired by this, we decided to engage our fans in a Kahoot! tournament, where the winner would be defined based on the total score from all Kahoot! games hosted throughout the season.

This feature, now part of the Kahoot! Academy offering, allowed us to track individual player progress over a period of time, a season in our case, combine game reports to see cumulative scores, and award prizes to the winners at the end of the season. Playing Kahoot! tournaments not only brought healthy competition among the fans during games, but also gave them an additional incentive to keep coming back to matches to complete the competition during the season.

Now, once we put up a Kahoot! game on the screens, we see our fans look up immediately, ready to play and compete. In a tournament, the rankings can change dramatically after every kahoot – all scores matter!

Kahoot! has doubled engagement among our fans

When we introduced Kahoot!, about 20% of the audience were playing, and that number has now gone up to 30% more recently after we introduced Kahoot! tournaments. We have seen engagement during half time double over this period of time — this is priceless for a club like ours. Thanks to Kahoot!, we are connecting with our fans like never before and hope to continue to drive loyalty and engagement with them with new features Kahoot! is offering!

4 tips to boost engagement at sporting event

For other organizations looking to drive engagement at sporting and other big events, here are my recommendations:

  • Create a nice mix of questions, combining old and new team history, new profiles and facts about old team legends
  • Remember to engage the fans on a regular basis and stick to the schedule. Half time shows are popular, but you can also set up games in the fan zone and you can post Kahoot! remote challenges in social media before the “away” games
  • Keep the questions short. True/false, “guess the number”, image reveal or “what year?” are popular formats.
  • Announce prizes for the individual games and a larger prize for the “fan of the year.” Signed shirts, match tickets or season tickets are great incentives for the fans to engage on a regular basis and never miss a game.

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