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Master the art of virtual training with Kärcher North America

Kärcher North America used game-based learning to redefine their virtual training strategy – and it’s been a success! Read how they check off all learning goals even if trainees are miles apart, and how Kahoot! helps them achieve that.

February 26, 2020

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To check off all learning goals and maximize the impact of your training, you don’t necessarily have to get trainees in the same room. With the right tools and engaging content, you can build an efficient strategy for virtual training. When it comes to right tools – my choice is Kahoot! with its powerful challenge feature. Here’s how we use it for training at Kärcher North America.

Richard "Bo" Bodo hosts a sales training session at Kärcher North America

How we started our learning journey with Kahoot!

I am the Director of Training for Kärcher North America, world’s largest manufacturer of cleaning equipment and solutions. I lead a team of 7 trainers and we focus on sales, service, and product knowledge training in North America, primarily USA and Canada.

Training for over 11 years, I’ve tried a lot of different methods and tools to increase learning impact. When I tried game-based learning methods for the first time last year – that became a real game-changer! I heard about Kahoot! at a conference, and just days after I was already creating my first games for content review – it was that easy to get started.

Soon, kahoots became part of every learning objective and now I host games every week. I typically launch a kahoot as the final step before summarizing a topic and moving on to the next one because I get a real sense of how well trainees mastered the content.

Reinforce and recall training content

I start a new topic with a short intro with slides, then spend most of the time on hands-on exercises and discussion and, finally, wrap it up with Kahoot! to reinforce key learning points. Hosting live games in class gave me the ability to recap on the content at a moment when all of the learners are extremely engaged.

Kahoots I create have a lot of images to captivate everyone’s attention and the difficulty of questions increases gradually. Having around 10 questions keeps it very dynamic and gives everyone a chance to win. To heat up competition, I often hand out a small prize like a $5 Starbucks card.

Everyone loved the new game-based way of learning with Kahoot! where you don’t even realize you’re learning! It just happens naturally.

Sometimes I get trainees to play in Team Mode and it’s another interesting angle to drive learning. In this case, participants teach each other while they’re discussing questions. Great level of interaction!

Facilitate virtual training away from class

After we got our classroom game-based strategy in place, the next question was how do we reach the same engagement and impact for remote trainees? This was a big priority, because, as I mentioned, we have a huge geography to cover for training.

The solution didn’t wait long to present itself when we tried Kahoot! With its challenge feature (which is, in my opinion, the greatest feature on the platform.) They allow you to share either a link or a PIN with participants so that they can play your kahoot of choice at a time that is convenient for them, no matter where they are. All they need to get started is a smartphone with the Kahoot! app on it.

I immediately used this feature with a key training initiative that I was launching in the US with a series of Kahoot! challenges sent on a weekly basis after the class. The results have been great and has allowed our sales team, which is scattered across the US, to have fun playing together.

Assess content mastery with advanced reports

Both after live games and challenges, I pull game reports, review them and share key numbers with our sales leaders. This allows them to identify areas they need to coach and work with their sales people on. If I see that some questions got too few correct answers, I also flag them to address with further training.

Initially, having the ability to launch Kahoot! from my laptop in front of a live class was (and still is) great. But since our team primarily focuses on the United States and Canada, challenges totally rock it.

Having the ability to send a Kahoot! challenge to sales reps, service technicians, and dealers who are thousands of miles apart makes Kahoot! an invaluable way to educate and get feedback.

I love Kahoot! and look forward to scaling it further in our training program. On top of that, I also plan to use it in an international Sales Competition around our new product. Stakes are high! Winners will get prizes and company-wide recognition.

Inspired by Bo’s story? Make virtual training awesome with Kahoot! for business and its challenge feature!

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