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How 2park Technologies identify quality leads and improve internal strategy sessions with Kahoot!

See how an innovative tech company uses Kahoot! to improve their sales processes and remote brainstorming sessions.

Location: Oslo, Norway
Industry: Technology
Use cases: Sales training, Meetings, Presentations
Key wins
Kahoot! helped 2park Technologies better identify quality leads in their sales process.
2park Technologies used Kahoot! to create interactive experiences that engaged and informed potential clients in a virtual setting.
Using Kahoot!’s brainstorm experience resulted in more effective internal strategy sessions with remote colleagues.
Brainstorm gave everyone a voice and ensured everybody was involved in the strategy session.


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Christer Halvorsen profile picture
Christer Halvorsen
Revenue Manager

About the company and their Kahoot! hero
2Park Technologies is on a mission to disrupt the parking industry by digitizing the payment process and taking the hassle out of parking. Christer Halvorsen, Revenue Manager at 2Park Technologies, uses Kahoot! to identify quality leads in their sales process and to define strategies in internal meetings.


When Christer was invited to host sessions with potential clients at a remote conference, he had a clear vision: “We didn’t want to deliver a traditional video meeting, which can be boring and not interactive. We wanted to have a tool to make meetings more engaging – rather than just delivering a typical monologue,” said Christer.

He set about researching software that could make his sessions as interactive as possible. That’s when he found a familiar name: “I first discovered Kahoot! many years ago at university. I rediscovered it when I saw that they’d launched a lot of new features for businesses and realized that you could actually do a lot more than quizzes, which results in a lot of great stuff,” said Christer.

During the remote conference, Christer hosted four sessions, each with eight to 10 attendees: “Through Kahoot!, we were able to have the whole group actively participate rather than having a kind of passive attendance. Before, we would usually ask questions that would lead to one or two people in the group participating. With Kahoot!, we actually got a response from all of the participants. It gave everyone a voice,” said Christer.

Christer used kahoots to make sure participants remained focused on and engaged with his content throughout the session. “I discovered during the process that we can use Kahoot! to interact in a completely new way – an even better way – than we actually do in a face-to-face or onsite meeting,” said Christer.

2Park Technologies Sales meeting gif

Easily identifying quality sales leads with Kahoot!

Besides reinforcing key messages, Christer also identified quality leads with Kahoot!: “One of the things we wanted to test with Kahoot! was actually how it could ask relevant questions within a sales process, which would give us feedback on where in the sales journey the customer is,” said Christer. The result? “We were able to better identify attractive leads in our sales process with Kahoot!,” continued Christer.

As Christer puts it, Kahoot! allowed him to “address the elephant in the room” and get responses to questions such as “where are you in the purchase journey,” “are you ready to buy,” or “are you just exploring the market.”

“Kahoot! helped us identify the most attractive clients to contact just after the meeting and who to contact at a later stage. We had meetings with 50 or 60 participants and ended up with a short list of very, very attractive leads that could be more or less contacted immediately. That was one of the biggest benefits of using Kahoot!. It was very effective for lead generation,” said Christer.

Hosting effective internal strategy sessions with brainstorm

2Park Technologies also uses Kahoot! internally to help shape sales roadmaps: “We recently used Kahoot!’s brainstorm question for two or three hours during an interactive strategy session that looked at our sales strategy for the coming year,” said Christer.

The kahoot featured multiple brainstorm questions that facilitated the session and ensured ideas and conversation flowed. “I was amazed by how effective the tool was because we were sitting in our home offices, and we were able to have very, very good discussions. Everyone was heard, and everyone had a voice. It was more effective than normal, despite us meeting remotely. We could decide on very important strategies for next year,” continued Christer.

2Park Technologies Brainstorm gif

Kahoot!’s brainstorm experience is designed to create an environment where everyone feels valued and heard – and that was something Christer was quick to point out: “I saw that some people who would probably not interact that much in that kind of discussion were actually more interactive and participated more. It was also fun for the group to actually see the gamification of brainstorm,” said Christer.

Christer enjoyed how brainstorm improved strategy meetings at 2Park Technologies: “I would say brainstorm has been a huge benefit for us. It’s actually the question type that I will use the most in the future. It’s so effective,” said Christer.

Christer plans to expand Kahoot! usage throughout 2Park Technologies – both for internal and external use: “We plan to onboard users from our commercial team and the support team. These teams are going to use kahoots for onboarding clients such as landlords and parking operators so they can fully use our technology, ensuring they understand all the benefits,” continued Christer.

“I was amazed by how effective the tool was because we were sitting in our home offices, and we were able to have very, very good discussions. Everyone was heard, and everyone had a voice. It was more effective than normal, despite us meeting remotely. We could decide on very important strategies for next year.”

Christer Halvorsen, 2Park Technologies

Ask direct questions to identify leads
Include direct questions in your kahoots to potential clients to understand where they are in the sales process. You can review answers within the kahoot’s report, view participants’ email addresses, and see the player behind the nickname thanks to Kahoot!’s player identifier feature.


Explain your product’s benefits
Kahoot!’s gamification features boost focus among participants. When you have everyone’s attention, you can explain your product’s benefits to potential clients and that information is more likely to be retained.


Host better strategy sessions with Kahoot!
Kahoot!’s brainstorm experience makes for more structured and effective strategy sessions – especially when everybody is working from home.


Give everyone a voice with brainstorm
With brainstorm, even participants who might not normally contribute, submit ideas and are more likely to add to the group discussion.