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Customer stories

Learn how companies around the world are using Kahoot! to reimagine e-learning, presentations, and events.

Use case

AND Digital uses Kahoot! to develop a scalable hybrid onboarding and learning experience for over 1600 employees across the UK and Netherlands, and foster an award-winning company culture

Kahoot! and Riu Hotels & Resorts: that’s entertainment!

How Capgemini uses Kahoot! to achieve its reskilling goals by reimagining learning in a new hybrid working world.

How The Adecco Group uses Kahoot! to prepare Gen z students for employment

Virtual presentations and events in recruitment

Kahoot! permet à la SNCF de concevoir une formation en compliance captivante à 4 000 employés

Formation obligatoire

How SNCF uses Kahoot! to deliver engaging compliance training to 4000 employees

Mandatory training in transportation

ROI Training uses Kahoot! to enhance the learner experience during hands-on intensive IT training workshops

Training and e-learning in the technology training industry

Kärcher North America redefined their training strategy for distributed teams with Kahoot!

Remote training in manufacturing

Product training Olympics: Hologic makes their sales kick-off a success with Kahoot!

Events in the technology industry

Scotiabank used Kahoot! to make training impactful in the banking sector

Product training in the finance industry

Facebook LATAM sees maximum engagement in sales training for co-located and virtual teams

Sales training in the social media industry

Getty Images weaved game-based learning into their organizational culture

Sales training & meetings in the media industry