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How Adjust continuously improved their 3-week onboarding program with Kahoot!

Learn how this app marketing company used Kahoot! to deliver an engaging e-learning program that reinforces product knowledge.

Location: Berlin, Germany
Industry: Technology, Media & Telecomms
Use cases: Town halls, meetings, and interactive presentations, Onboarding training
Key wins
By assigning e-learning tasks through Kahoot!, Adjust extends the onboarding program outside of daily sessions.
Adjust tracks the progress of new recruits across a three-week onboarding program by using Kahoot!’s player identifier feature.
Adjust has seen an increase in knowledge retention by assigning self-paced challenges for new hires to play independently, outside of instructor-led sessions.
Game reports enable Adjust trainers to identify knowledge gaps, which allow them to revisit topics and improve future onboarding programs.
Andrea vimercati-profile-pic
Andrea Vimercati
Training Team Lead

About the company and their Kahoot! Hero
Adjust is a global B2B SaaS company, focusing on mobile measurement, fraud prevention, cybersecurity and marketing automation products. Andrea Vimercati is the Training Team Lead at Adjust who is responsible for a three-week onboarding program for new hires.


When a company enters a rapid growth phase, it’s essential to get new hires up to speed as quickly as possible. At Adjust, this means a three-week blended-learning training program for new recruits from around the world. Hosted monthly at their HQ in Berlin, Adjust’s onboarding program introduces their product, explains how it works, and details the value for clients. Everyone takes part – regardless of their position.

We sat down with Andrea Vimercati to discuss how Adjust uses Kahoot! to boost information retention, identify knowledge gaps, and promote company culture during the monthly onboarding program.

Reinforcing knowledge outside of daily sessions with e-learning

Adjust uses Kahoot!’s self-paced game mode, challenges, as an e-learning tool to reinforce knowledge.

At the end of every day, challenges are assigned to hires to complete independently, outside of instructor-led sessions. The challenges cover topics taught that day and are Adjust’s primary tool for ensuring new recruits fully understand their complex product.

After every question, the challenge includes a slide that explains the answer. “We get feedback that our hires find challenges very useful for reinforcing what they learn,” said Andrea.

Tracking progress throughout the onboarding process

With the player identifier feature (available with Kahoot! 360 Pro), Andrea tracks new recruits’ progress over the course of the onboarding process. He aggregates the scores from every kahoot and awards prizes to winners on the last day.

According to Andrea, the player identifier feature has been a huge time saver for Adjust’s onboarding team. “Before upgrading, we used Kahoot! in the same way, but we calculated the overall scores manually. It was time-consuming, and people constantly changed usernames so we couldn’t match up their scores. With the player identifier, it’s done in three clicks,” said Andrea.

“Kahoot! engages learners and the questions reinforce what they learned the previous day, both during the sessions and in their e-learning”

Andrea Vimercati, Adjust

Boosting engagement and introducing new topics with live games

As well as assigning self-paced challenges for e-learning, Andrea also hosts live kahoots at the start of in-person training sessions. He found adding game-based learning activities to the start of sessions boosts engagement from the moment the three-week program begins.

“Firstly, it engages learners and gets them going at the start of a session. Secondly, the questions reinforce what they learned the previous day, both during the sessions and in their e-learning. It also helps us introduce new concepts or terminology that’s needed for the new session,” said Andrea.

Gaining insight into performance and identifying areas for improvement

Andrea is quick to check reports for both live and self-paced games throughout the onboarding program. With these insights, Andrea and his team identify how recruits are progressing, who is falling behind, and topics that need to be reinforced in upcoming sessions.

The reports do not just impact sessions in the short-term, however. “If we see from the results that a particular topic has not been fully grasped by the majority of the people, then it sets off an alarm bell. It helps us recognize if we need to change how certain topics are presented,” said Andrea.

“The reports help us improve the curriculum for the following months, as they identify any kind of problem people have,” Andrea continued.


Track trainee progress over time
With the player identifier feature, Andrea can track player progress throughout the three-week program. “Since we upgraded to Kahoot! 360 Pro, the player identifier feature has been a huge, huge, huge time saver for us,” said Andrea.


Check reports to identify knowledge gaps
Andrea checks the reports on a daily basis: “We go over the reports to see the questions people are struggling with and to identify the topics we need to reinforce in the next session.”


Adjust your onboarding curriculum based on reports
Reports don’t just help in the short term. By looking at the game reports, Andrea and his team can continuously improve their onboarding program to meet the needs of new hires.


Add slides to provide context and boost knowledge retention
After every question in a self-paced challenge, new hires see a slide with information. “Slides give more insight on the question that was just asked, and that works really well in terms of reinforcement,” said Andrea.

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