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How Mexican retailer Coppel added Kahoot! tournaments to their training strategy to engage over 20,000 salespeople nationwide

Effective training at scale, identifying knowledge gaps and supporting an awesome culture of recognition are among the most valuable benefits Mexican retailer Coppel found out when they introduced Kahoot! tournaments to their training mix across more than 1,600 stores.

Industry: Retail
Use cases: Sales training, Product knowledge training, Business transformation & cultural change
Key wins
Enables identification of critical knowledge gaps through an engaging training process that empowers employees to create great customer experiences
A powerful team-building tool that boosts individual performance and creates a strong culture of employee recognition
Facilitates a data-driven approach to help review, assess and improve training programs

Celebrating 80 years of improving people’s lives (their motto), Coppel ran Kahoot! tournaments to take on a new approach to their training, while simultaneously building an awesome company culture. 

Identifying gaps in employee knowledge of products, campaigns, and the business is vital for managers, leaders, and decision-makers to build an informed and highly engaged workforce. That’s why businesses of all sizes across industries globally are turning to Kahoot! 

Two for one: building company culture and supporting training with Kahoot!

It’s some weeks since Coppel’s first cross-regional Kahoot! was celebrated, but Carmen Salcido, Project Leader at Coppel is still smiling as she remembers the experience.

“The last winner of our regional Kahoot! tournament got a huge motivational boost at work, thanks to the recognition of his colleagues. That’s bigger than any physical award we can give to them.”

Carmen and her colleagues have used Kahoot! to help crack a training-at-scale code that companies across the globe have struggled with for decades by not just reinforcing product knowledge, but also engaging and motivating entire teams.

However, Coppel’s initial use of Kahoot! began at a much lower threshold than large-scale knowledge reinforcement. “We came to know Kahoot! in two ways, really”, explains Carmen.

“Some of us, including myself, had actually used it in a personal capacity at home, and for example to learn languages. We used it at Coppel even before we planned the tournament, as some of our regional teams had started using Kahoot! for remote training, knowledge checks and to engage employees. We saw some real potential there, and started to think how Kahoot! could apply at an enterprise level.”

They didn’t wait around.

Engaging employees and identifying knowledge gaps

After seeing the potential for Kahoot! at enterprise level, Carmen and her team set about planning their first Kahoot! training tournament using Kahoot! 360 Spirit. Their first step was to plan the content, as Carmen explains. “Once our sales force have completed their courses in Coppel’s Corporate University, the kahoots are organized based on the needs and topics of our internal clients. Then, based on what knowledge needs to be reinforced or gaps filled, we craft the kahoots together with our clients. It’s very much a collaborative process.”

Next, while the kahoot is being carefully curated with up to six people collaborating on the kahoot (one single kahoot is played at any given tournament featuring approximately 15 multiple choice questions), the Salesforce Strategy team is busy promoting the tournaments to employees through their regional coordinators. As Carmen tells us, even before the tournament has begun, the excitement begins to build.

At the tournament itself (which takes place over one day), employees gather, register with their employee number, store number, and name (all the while connected to Coppel’s very own Kahoot! Wifi) before facing off to win a top prize and the recognition of their company and colleagues.

Impressively, these are national tournaments played live, planned across multiple time zones over 24 regions. In each of those regions, and for each tournament, the role of the host is essential, carried out with huge energy and enthusiasm by the tournament coordinators who are keenly aware of the desired outcomes of the training. To date, Coppel’s national Kahoot! tournament participants have totaled some 23,000, with almost 2,000 joining their largest regional event.

Review, assess, and improve: making the most of Kahoot! reports

One of the most essential steps occurs once the tournament is over when the Coppel team reviews the kahoot reports and looks for any knowledge gaps, which is vital to improving the quality of the content.

“Using Kahoot! in this way allows us to improve faster. After we analyze the tournament results, our internal clients can develop communication material regarding specific topics. That allows us to provide personalized feedback to our different regions, and it also means that our regional operations teams are more engaged in the training and receive accurate and tailored feedback.”

Next, opportunity reports are sent to each region and internal department, enabling them to take specific actions to improve understanding or awareness around a given topic that may have received a lower score rate in the tournament.

The team has also benefited from the additional deeper insights provided by Kahoot! at Work’s data team to help them learn even more from the statistics.

With tournaments planned already for the coming four months, it’s clear that the team has hit a winning formula. Yet, despite the success so far, they treat each tournament as a learning curve. “We’re always finessing the content of the kahoots, the logistics around the event, and the technical on-site execution to guarantee an engaging experience full of memorable learning”, Carmen tells us.

Reaping the benefits: part of a great training strategy that builds awesome company culture

For the Coppel team, the tangible business benefits of their Kahoot! tournaments are clear: information retention improves, and deep product understanding is solidified, while knowledge gaps can be addressed both quickly and effectively due to the ease of disseminating kahoots at scale. This has resulted in better-informed sales teams, and ultimately, a better customer experience. But it doesn’t end there.

By establishing a platform that enables joyful training experiences and employee recognition, they have managed the neat trick of leveraging an essential process to deliver a powerful boost to company culture with this new approach to training.

“Our existing culture of employee recognition at Coppel is really amplified through our Kahoot! tournaments,” Carmen shares. “We’re always looking into ways of  promoting a culture that recognizes employees for their effort and participation, and the recognition employees get from winning a Kahoot! tournament is something unique in terms of the acknowledgement they receive from colleagues.”

Kahoot! at Coppel: the journey is just beginning

Coppel’s corporate department is also assessing how they can harness Kahoot!’s unique engagement possibilities to communicate the commercial strategy effectively company-wide. As Carmen states, ‘With Kahoot! we now have exciting new communications possibilities.’

Coppel’s Kahoot! journey, it would seem, is just beginning. We can’t wait to see what’s next.