Kahoot! helping you transition to the virtual world

The shift from face-to-face to 100% remote working has been a huge transition for everyone involved, but Kahoot! has helped Capgemini’s L&D team create an atmosphere in which learners feel at ease, wherever they are.

Ana-Gabriela, who has been at Capgemini’s for a decade, is now part of  their global L&D team that manages the learning technology portfolio.

“The entire L&D community was used to delivering training in person,” explains Ana-Gabriela. “When we moved to a virtual world many of them were really disappointed because interacting with people is one of the best parts of the job.  But with Kahoot! they’ve learnt that they can still interact, still be creative and still curate content for programs. In other words, they can still enjoy and remain engaged with their roles.

Working asynchronously to tackle the race against time

Ana-Gabriela also looks after the logistics to deliver those programs across 10 countries. And together with the team, she also designs the new offerings that ensure people are upskilled and reskilled in line with business priorities and objectives. Phew. No wonder her biggest challenge (and one you’ll probably recognize only too well) is there’s A LOT to do. And not quite enough time to do it in…

“We’re 100% focused on talent development, always thinking about new ways and new opportunities to develop and upskill our people around the world. We train all employees from all levels and operations, this includes operations, managers, support functions. But how do we implement all the ideas we have, how do we run all these training programs, if we don’t have enough time?”

Well as you might imagine, tech was the answer. Ana-Gabriela can automate some parts of the process and cover off everything with a relatively small team. Which leads us nicely onto Kahoot!

“We’d used the free version of Kahoot! in the past and it worked really well. We only had access to limited numbers of questions and participants, but we were delivering training face-to-face to a maximum of 15-20 learners on technology, leadership, onboarding, compliance training, wellbeing.”

But then came…yep – you’ve guessed it…COVID.

Suddenly, the world became virtual. Work became remote. People became distanced. The L&D team needed to support more people in more countries, while at the same time making the switch from face-to-face to remote learning – and working out how to keep sessions fun and engaging. That’s when they discovered Kahoot! 360.

“Upskilling and reskilling in a virtual space is a world away from doing it in person. For example, how can you be sure that people are paying attention and not checking their phones and emails? So we knew we needed to create more ways to interact with them as participants. Using Kahoot! to power our learning programs gave us exactly what we were looking for.”

Training the trainers

Kahoot! helped make the transition to remote learning as seamless as possible right from the word go. “We received all the support we needed during the onboarding journey to take full advantage of the platform. We developed a really good relationship, which also helped make the whole process really easy.”

The L&D team themselves are finding it works pretty well for them too.

Learners have the flexibility to participate in Kahoot! sessions in their own time, enjoying all the benefits—and the fun—of learning without being part of a formal session.

Kahoot! also proves incredibly useful at overcoming any initial fears of reduced engagement levels. The team can check how many people joined a training session compared to how many actually—and actively—took part and responded to all the questions. Wrong answers offer valuable insights into areas of a session that may need reinforcing. And the ability to ask for feedback is also an invaluable help when it comes to improving training and shaping future sessions.

The L&D team also loves the fact they are able to run their own presentations – not only adding slides but also their own questions and tailored activities. As for the learners themselves, “well, they really love the challenges and the competitive element that brings!”

Re-imagining learning post-pandemic with Kahoot!

For Ana-Gabriela, Kahoot! offered the perfect platform at the right time. It meant that, even during a global pandemic and all the upheaval that came with it, the team was able to continue delivering seamless learning opportunities. And they’ve seen the results in the number of employees exploring new roles, applying for promotions, and discovering new career paths. 

As for the future, business is returning to a new kind of normal. Kahoot! is all set to play a central role in the transition to virtual and hybrid learning, while also remaining a key element in face-to-face sessions. Ana-Gabriela and the team plan to keep using Kahoot! to promote learning experiences; bring together learners from different countries, time zones and regions; and build that strong sense of community that makes it far easier to deliver ever more enriching and more rewarding training and workshops.