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Safety first: nonprofit takes a creative and engaging approach to safety training

See how Goodwill Industries of East Texas added Kahoot! as a training tool to reiterate key safety training exercises, improve teamwork and strengthen their work culture

Location: Texas, USA
Industry: Nonprofit
Use cases: Mandatory training, Training
Key wins
Adding Kahoot! to safety training sessions helped the organization make complex training more engaging and improve knowledge retention
The new, game-based way to deliver training content keeps participants focused, ramps up knowledge retention, as well as adds a fun element
Competing between department and local branches helps teams bond and strengthen their culture
Kimberly Lewis Profile
Kimberly B. Lewis
President and CEO

About the company and their Kahoot! hero
Goodwill Industries of East Texas is an American nonprofit organization that provides training and employment services for people who face barriers preventing them from being able to get a job. Kimberly B. Lewis is President and CEO of the organization.


One of the areas where Goodwill Industries of East Texas delivers training is safety, from handling workplace conflicts to staying in the loop with all regulations and clarifying issues related to diversity and inclusion. They’ve added Kahoot! to their training toolkit to reiterate safety training exercises with employees and increase knowledge retention. According to the CEO Kimberly B. Lewis, even though some of this content is rather complex and challenging, Kahoot! helped them make these training sessions engaging, fun, and, as a consequence, more efficient.

Challenging employees to be more aware of workplace safety

Many safety problems in the workplace can be prevented by making sure employees remember and retain safety rules and regulations. Recently, Kimberly and her colleagues noticed that workers compensation injuries had risen over the past year, and started visiting different locations to see if they could arrange additional training to turn things around.

They decided to use Kahoot! to actively challenge employees to be more aware and to prevent future workplace accidents. According to Kimberly, “Kahoot! keeps everyone’s focus and actively challenges everyone, because everyone is more engaged with the content and competing at the same time. It ramps up both knowledge retention and fun!”

“Even though some of the safety training content is rather complex and challenging, Kahoot! made these training sessions engaging, fun, and, as a consequence, more efficient.”

Kimberly B. Lewis, Goodwill Industries

Building team culture, no matter the location

The Goodwill Industries of East Texas leadership team appreciates Kahoot! because it is engaging and easy for staff to get together to compete against each other. Their work area covers 13 counties, which makes it very hard to get everyone together to play! But Kahoot! makes it easy and lets them set up teams by department or location.

Kimberly elaborated on their experience: “We bond and have fun while learning key points from training sessions. When we first introduced Kahoot! to our team, it was enthusiastically received. And the more challenges that we played, the more everyone wanted to play again. So, we made sure to bring it back by popular demand… and now have made it a key component of our training.”

Want to learn fast? Kahoot! is for you

Kahoot! helped Goodwill Industries trainers cover several complex topics in their training sessions in a short amount of time. They regularly play Kahoot! to stay up to date with regulations and give staff a refresher on sensitive work policies.


Captivate attention via competition
When teaching complex information that involves knowledge of regulations too, the hardest thing to do is to keep everyone’s attention. Keep relevant language, imagery and info at the top of everyone’s mind in a Kahoot! game, while sparking people’s competitive spirit – for example, by adding prizes.


Strengthen team spirit
With Kahoot!, you can test multiple teams and have them play from different locations at the same time. According to Kimberly, “this is fun and improves team chemistry, while reiterating the points from previous trainings or sessions.” You can cover several topics quickly and with an experience people actually enjoy.


Use clear imagery and language
Nothing gets across the “do’s” and “don’ts” faster than an original kahoot completed with clear imagery and language that employees will remember when they respond to the questions.


Create a culture of teamwork
In Kimberly’s experience, adding Kahoot! to the training toolbox helped create “a culture of fun and teamwork.” There was a clear sense of competitive intensity to most of their sessions that they had never experienced before. Employees remembered key details of the questions and answers better, which is vital for them to be able to successfully master safety training content.

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