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Intelcia successfully trains customer support dream teams across 26 locations in 8 countries

Learn how a global customer support company incorporated Kahoot! into employee training to maximize learning impact

Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Industry: Consulting
Use cases: Customer support training, Remote / hybrid
Key wins
Playing Kahoot! at Intelcia has improved company morale and employee knowledge. The team feels more connected across borders
Other departments have plans to integrate Kahoot!, too - for example, for HR training and marketing
Even a low score in a game is seen as positive: it gives session participants an incentive to review content and improve their knowledge
Additionally, playing kahoots together gives trainers a way to “stay in shape” and connect with each other.
Karim Lamrani - Intelcia
Karim Lamrani
Training Account Manager

About the company and their Kahoot! Hero
Present in 8 countries across 25 sites, Intelcia is a major player in customer service outsourcing. Karim Lamrani, Training Account Manager, spearheaded the shift from paper quizzes and online forms to a full-scale training strategy with Kahoot! at its core.


Karim manages employee training from one of Intelcia’s offices in Casablanca, Morocco. In the five months that he and his colleagues have been using Kahoot!, it has become an integral part of their employee training strategy.

Trainers can personalize learning

Karim discovered Kahoot! during a business trip in Barcelona, and he knew quickly that he wanted to include it in employee training exercises, ranging from customer support to sales. The idea to transition from paper and simple online quizzes quickly proved its value!

“Kahoot! is much more interactive, and we like being able to instantly see the results,” explained Karim. “It works well across all of our teams by making it quick and easy for our trainers to personalize the learning experience.”

Each trainer creates their own kahoots to ensure that employees are learning and retaining knowledge relevant to their role. They can even add videos to questions for creative flair and to help illustrate the points they are making.

Intelcia kahoot team playing
Customer support training with Kahoot! at Intelcia

Learning is an ongoing process

The competitive nature of Kahoot! adds extra incentive for employees, and even a low score is, in fact, a positive thing. Karim elaborated on it: “When some of our agents come on board, they think they know everything. Playing a fun game of Kahoot! gently reminds them that they still have a lot to learn and that it is important to pay attention during training sessions. Many of our agents are competitive. Kahoot! helps make each of them and Intelcia as a company more successful.”

“Playing Kahoot! at Intelcia has improved company morale and employee knowledge.”

Karim Lamrani, Intelcia

Connecting internationally using self-paced challenges

In our interview, Karim also told us how he created several self-paced Kahoot! challenges between trainers in different countries. It was a fun way for all of them to get to know each other better. They enjoyed playing kahoots about geography, math, languages, and Karim’s personal favorite – European capitals! Being based in different locations and time zones, they aren’t always able to play a live kahoot. The challenge mode gives them the flexibility to play Kahoot! while keeping all of the trainers included.


If your company is at the beginning of a Kahoot! journey, Karim recommends setting certain goals – and make sure you use it often!


Start with the quiz format but don’t miss out on additional question types later on.


Adding videos to your kahoots opens so many additional possibilities – communication, marketing, learning languages.

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