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Discover how Nasdaq used Kahoot! to strengthen remote team culture at a virtual event in Sweden

Nasdaq used Kahoot! to connect hundreds of employees during times of home office and social distancing through a fun-filled virtual event

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Industry: Finanancial services
Use cases: Business transformation & cultural change
Key wins
Nasdaq connected hundreds of employees from two offices in Sweden by using Kahoot! at their virtual event.
Kahoot!’s audience interaction features created a friendly and relaxed environment for remote colleagues to socialize virtually.
By playing multiple kahoots, the Stockholm Employee Committee at Nasdaq's Stockholm office noticed a boost in morale.
Nasdaq will use Kahoot! for future in-person and virtual events to raise both awareness and money for causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness and Movember.

About the company
Nasdaq is one of the world’s leading providers of trading, clearing, exchange technology, listing, and public company services. Margareta Baxén, Sara Lagerström, and Savan Hosseini are part of the Stockholm Employee Committee Nasdaq’s office in the Swedish capital. They help to organize after-work, social, and remote events for over 1000 employees.


Like most companies around the world, Nasdaq’s Stockholm office started looking for ways to connect with remote workers during times of home office and social distancing.

The office’s Stockholm Employee Committee set about planning a virtual event across their Swedish offices, with 1000 employees in Stockholm and 100 employees in Umeå, in the north of Sweden.

Hosting a virtual event that fosters positive remote team culture

The committee had a clear vision for their virtual event: “The goal was to bring people together,” said Sara.

“We wanted to bring some joy to people. Everyone’s working hard at home and trying to balance their work and home life, so we wanted to do something fun and social, as you do miss the opportunity to interact with your colleagues,” continued Sara.

The committee decided Kahoot! was the perfect tool to strengthen their remote team culture during a virtual event. The hour-long event was a huge success with employees (and some of their children!) from the Stockholm and Umeå offices taking part in general knowledge and Nasdaq-specific kahoots.

“People kept asking for more and more kahoots! Everybody who wanted to turn on their camera could, and it was fun for those who engaged with others as it became more like a virtual coffee break,” said Savan.

Creating a platform for “organic interaction” with Kahoot!

“It was a great way for us to socialize and to connect. I think everyone’s spirits were a bit lifted. It was very well appreciated and very well received,” said Sara.

The positive social impact of using Kahoot! during the event extended beyond the questions. “Playing Kahoot! is a great way to keep people on their toes, and I noticed after the kahoots, that people started to mingle. Kahoot! really helped with organic interaction,” said Savan.

It wasn’t just the players who had a good time. “For us, it’s great because we could reach everyone in both offices, while we are all remote,” said Sara.

“Kahoot! is a great way to keep people on their toes, and I noticed after the kahoots, that people started to mingle. Kahoot! really helped with organic interaction.”

Savan Hosseini, Nasdaq

Using Kahoot! to bring employees together and raise awareness of different causes

Soon after the event drew to a close, the Employee Engagement Committee started to discuss how to use Kahoot! going forward. They plan to use Kahoot! for monthly events, with each event bringing awareness to different causes, such as breast cancer and Movember.

Instead of the winner receiving a prize, they will be able to donate money to the charity or organization of their choice. “We all get a lot of gadgets and small stuff that we don’t really need. If the prize is something really meaningful, there’s even more incentive to do well in the kahoot,” said Savan.

With offices all over the globe, Nasdaq’s Stockholm office is thinking global. “To be able to host kahoots across time zones would be really great. That way, everyone can partake,” said Margareta.

“Even when we go back to work in the office on a regular basis, Kahoot! will still be a valid way for global teams to hang out with each other,” said Savan.


Think beyond your office
Unlike in-person events, virtual events allow you the freedom and flexibility to easily invite colleagues from other offices, either elsewhere in your country or in a similar time zone.


Maximize engagement with a Kahoot! tournament
Create a Kahoot! Tournament by hosting several kahoots of around 10 to 15 questions. At the end of the event, combine the leaderboards from each kahoot and present the final podium!


Incentivize with meaningful prizes
Giving prizes to the winner or those who finish on the podium is a great incentive for participants. However, instead of winning a small gadget, allow the winner to make a donation to the charity of their choice.


Encourage employees’ families to take part
The Stockholm Employee Committee noted that having their colleagues’ kids play the kahoots made the event even more relaxed and laid back.