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How Ree Park Safari introduced Kahoot! for Brands as a scalable solution to provide engaging learning experiences for more than 200,000 yearly visitors

Location: Ebeltoft, Denmark
Industry: Hospitality
Use cases: Engagement, Communication, Retention
Improving the live experience of more than 6,000 Ree Park Safari visitors in summer 2023
New ways to educate and communicate with visitors
Increased retention rate of visitors spending more time exploring new locations within the park
New opportunities to launch innovative and engaging marketing campaigns
Ree Park Safari hero
Pierre Skovgaard
Head of Sales and Marketing

About our Kahoot! hero

Pierre is the Head of Sales and Marketing at Ree Park Safari. He’s responsible for delivering engaging and innovative solutions to over 200,000 yearly visitors to Ree Park. He supervises all customer touchpoints, from their experience on Ree Park’s website to their visit to the park, ensuring customers and visitors have a great experience before, during, and after their visit.


Transforming communication to education by elevating fun and learning

Ree Park Safari  is home to nearly 600 animals from five continents. Their mission is to educate visitors about nature preservation and the conservation of endangered animals worldwide. This unique philosophy sets them apart from traditional zoos and other animal parks.

Ree Park Safari has transformed the way they engage, educate and communicate with their visitors after introducing Kahoot! for Brands.

“Before, we used to rely on signs made by experts to communicate with our visitors, but it wasn’t sustainable with the high demand of visitors in the park,” said Pierre. “Now, with the introduction of Kahoot! we can create a more engaging and playful experience for everyone who visits the park. We know that some visitors prefer interactive play to learn. In contrast, others prefer to listen and absorb information, so it’s great to enhance their experience at the park by playing Kahoot!”

To support their education initiatives and to increase engagement, Ree Park introduced Kahoot! For Brands as a treasure hunt within the park. As families and children move their way through the park, they have the opportunity to scan QR codes that are placed across different locations to learn about the animals and ecosystems they are visiting. Some of these kahoots also include content about the multiple initiatives Ree Park Safari is working on in Kenya and Tanzania to preserve animal life, particularly in the Massai Mara region. This is a unique way Ree Park Safari can deliver their messages in a fun and interactive way to their visitors. Since launch over 6,000 participants have interacted with this content. 

“Not many people are aware that our work extends beyond the park,” Pierre said. “We are part of a significant project in Masai Mara, Kenya, where we strive to improve the living conditions of animal species and ensure the preservation of their habitat for future generations. As part of our efforts, we facilitate the safe migration of animals from Serengeti to Masai Mara. We utilize Kahoot! to provide insights into our work and educate people about our mission. We believe it opens a window to the world.”

Increasing retention rates and visitor engagement

The implementation of the treasure hunt model using Kahoot! for Brands is having an impact on the time people spend at Ree Park Safari. Beyond Ree Park’s learning and educational benefits to its visitors, Pierre and his team have also experienced an increased retention rate as families and children spend more time inside the park.

“The Kahoot! treasure hunt allows visitors to spend more time in the park by exploring new spots and discovering locations they may not have seen or discovered on their own. This increases customer retention rates which is great for us. At the same time, it provides a better experience for visitors as they learn more and see new parts of the park.”

Pierre Skovgaard, Ree Park Safari

To enhance visitors’ experience and maintain their interest, Ree Park Safari has formulated a plan to implement fresh and engaging content, along with seasonal quizzes for Halloween, Christmas and other seasonal occasions. The sky is the limit!

By offering a diverse range of activities and information regularly, the park aims to create a more immersive and educational environment for visitors, ultimately improving their retention and satisfaction of their visitors.

New opportunities to introduce innovative campaigns using Kahoot! for Brands

Ree Park Safari is not only improving live experiences of its visitors, but also exploring the potential and flexibility that Kahoot! for Brands can offer to introduce innovative marketing campaigns. The latest marketing campaign Pierre and the Ree Park Safari team developed is Skoledysten, an online competition open for free registration to all schools in Denmark. The objective of the competition is to find the number one class in Denmark with the most knowledge about nature preservation. 

Teachers can register their classrooms for free by filling up a registration form. Once registered, they will receive a new kahoot link every month that students will need to solve together and score as many points as they can. Ree Park Safari will track the schools’ progress through a leaderboard and identify which school and classroom has earned the most points.

“The idea behind Skoledysten is to educate thousands of students across the country about how they can care for our world and the reasons behind preserving our ecosystems. We have a pledge with the students and educators that we will bring free education for them even if they cannot visit the park physically. We want to educate thousands of students and allow them to have fun while learning.”

Pierre Skovgaard, Ree Park Safari

The competition winners will be able to sleep at Ree Park’s savannah cabins and do a night patrol where students can visit the animals at night in the park. More prizes are to be announced by Ree Park. Ultimately, the winners will be announced before the summer school break in 2024.

Educating students worldwide about nature preservation 

Ree Park Safari looks forward to developing more quizzes and campaigns to deliver great visitor experiences. Moreover, Ree Park Safari also plans to expand the reach of Skoledysten outside of Denmark. Initially, Ree Park’s marketing team would be able to open the competition for more schools across different continents and build a tournament in which schools from all over the world could compete against each other.

“Wouldn’t it be great if schools across Europe could compete with schools in Africa on an online Kahoot! experience? Our vision is that classrooms from all around the world get the same questions and the same games. This way, we could impact more students worldwide and deliver our messages about nature preservation.”

Pierre Skovgaard, Ree Park Safari

Ree Park Safari is enhancing the educational experience of its visitors by integrating Kahoot! for Brands into the physical park experience for visitors, making it more interactive and immersive. This initiative approach opens up new avenues for Ree Park Safari to implement marketing strategies. Through the Kahoot! platform, Ree Park is achieving its goals to deliver education and learning to its visitors. Moreover,  Ree Park is raising awareness about the fragile ecosystem and the various projects they are undertaking worldwide, including the Massai Mara region. Learn more about how to introduce Kahoot! for Brands into your business for taking communication and engagement with your audience or customers to the next level.


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