ROI Training faced a challenge: with the increased push toward virtual deliveries due to COVID-19, how could they deepen learner engagement in their training workshops?

As part of ROI Training’s Operations teams and as a Google Premier Partner, Chelsea Werle and Jordan Engel, Global Client & Project Managers, facilitate Google Cloud training.
We spoke with Chelsea and Jordan about how Kahoot! helps ROI Training turn technical topics into engaging in-person and virtual training sessions, while also saving their instructors valuable time.

Using Kahoot! to create engaging training sessions that boost participation

Chelsea and Jordan acknowledged that it could be a tricky task to keep up to 200 learners engaged for eight to nine hours per day. In order to increase participation and make the workshops as engaging as possible, they started looking for new ways to facilitate them.

“We discovered Kahoot! through Steve Lockwood, one of ROI’s rockstar instructors, who is also Google’s 2019 Trainer of the Year. Steve proposed Kahoot! to us; we did a few tests, and then went from there,” said Chelsea.

Soon, ROI Training’s instructors started creating kahoots to gauge attendees’ experience level as well as test and review knowledge at the end of every course chapter and module. They also included some humorous questions to keep everyone on their toes!

“Kahoots are a fun way to break up the day,” said Chelsea. “A lot of our instructors start the day with a kahoot to break the ice as well as get a good overview of where people are technically,” continued Chelsea.

Creating a time-saving bank of kahoots that all instructors can access

The majority of ROI Training’s kahoots cover technical topics that are featured in their workshops. ROI’s team, which includes over 50 certified Google Cloud authorized trainers, highlight the key information in engaging kahoots of around 10-15 questions.

“The majority of trainers use multiple choice and true or false questions, but puzzles are also popular as they are very interactive and fun,” said Chelsea.

“A time-saving benefit we’ve found helpful is to reuse the same kahoots in different workshops with similar course content. Instructors are able to easily access the kahoots in our team space where they can play immediately or duplicate and customize,” said Chelsea

Kahoot! tip: Save time by reusing questions from your colleagues’ kahoots. Just click “Question bank” in the creator and find pre-made questions to use in your own kahoot.

Analyzing report analytics to check participation and award prizes

The powerful analytics in Kahoot! reports help ROI Training track participation. “We use Kahoot! reports to assess participation levels,” said Chelsea.

ROI Training recently held Google Cloud’s largest event where Kahoot! reports played a pivotal role. “One of the prizes for the event was awarded to the company that had the most number of finishers in the top 25, and we were able to use the report to determine who won a free course,” said Chelsea.

Increasing interaction during virtual, instructor-led training with Kahoot!

While their trainings have traditionally been held onsite, ROI Training has switched to virtual sessions in order to adapt to the current working realities.

“Kahoot! has definitely been a key piece in helping the instructors have more interaction with the participants during virtual sessions,” said Jordan. “We encourage the participants to have their cameras and microphone on, and Kahoot! really is an effective way for the instructors to facilitate two-way interaction,” continued Jordan.

ROI Training eventually plans to go back to in-person trainings, but Jordan, like many in the industry, believes the future is blended: “We’re in a time where people are embracing the ease of virtual training and having tools like Kahoot! help bridge the gap and recreate an in-person experience.”

Equipping every trainer with Kahoot! to ace in-person and virtual training

Kahoot! has become the go-to tool for ROI Training when it comes to instructing and engaging, no matter the setting. “ROI Training plans to use Kahoot! for future trainings whether in person or virtual. We’re implementing Kahoot! across the board and encourage our team of instructors to leverage the tool whenever possible,” said Chelsea.