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Scotiabank used Kahoot! to make training impactful in the banking sector

Learn how Scotiabank achieve high participation and impact company-wide and track employee’ progress in training sessions

Location: México City, México
Industry: Finance
Use cases: Product training, Training
Key wins
Scotiabank use Kahoot! to achieve high participation in their product and service training
The latest training functionality allows them to host engaging, company-wide tournaments which every branch wants to be part of
Scotiabank also use challenges to deliver engaging, self-paced training beyond the classroom – at scale
Kahoot! helps foster a community of inclusive learning within the organization and connects the teams
Profile picture of Gerardo Díaz Santos
Gerardo Díaz Santos
Senior Manager of Customer Experience Design

About the company and their Kahoot! Hero
Scotiabank, a leader in the banking industry and one of the world’s top 100 largest banks, has offices all around the globe. Gerardo Díaz Santos, Senior Manager of Customer Experience Design at Scotiabank México, adopted Kahoot! 360 Pro to train employees on company products and services.


Scotiabank has branches all around Mexico. In his role as a Senior Manager of Customer Experience Design, Gerardo Díaz Santos has to ensure all of their employees are kept up to date with the latest product information – credit cards, loans, checking accounts, mortgages.

Kahoot! has helped them simplify the training process and make it more efficient for professional development. It’s also become a great way to foster a community of inclusive learning in our offices all over the country.

A versatile engagement tool for training

When Gerardo first played Kahoot! at a conference, he was impressed with how it helped captivate and engage an audience. He soon began testing out the platform on a small scale, in a low-stakes environment in some of our bank branches. Here’s how he describes his experience:

“Before Kahoot!, I relied on paper quizzes to train employees. Not only was this inefficient, it also wasn’t very engaging for employees, especially when learning about complex products. Thanks to Kahoot!’s interactive nature and accessible interface, employee engagement skyrocketed! I decided to scale it up to national level in all the Scotiabank México branches.”

Making training more effective and engaging

When it comes to training, what Gerardo appreciated the most about Kahoot!’s+ training plans is being able to combine scores from multiple games into a report. This allows him to track trainee performance over time. He pinpointed that it helped him save a lot of time ande create tailored action plans in order to improve the product knowledge of specific employees.

Over the past year, trainees have an 89% participation rate in Kahoot! games with a response accuracy average rate of 79% – a big success!

Gerardo Díaz Santos, Scotiabank

What’s more, Gerardo and his colleagues also hold monthly, company-wide Kahoot! tournaments: their trainees are very competitive! The company is divided into five territories and multiple zones in each territory. They single out and celebrate 3-4 top performers per zone, per quarter. Winners get gifts like Starbucks or movie gift cards, or other small gifts to motivate them even further.

“Every single bank branch wants to play, because they want to be part of the competition!” Gerardo shared.

Using challenges for training beyond the classroom

To help employees master content, expand the learning experience beyond the classroom, and facilitate a self-learning experience, Gerardo and other trainers also started using Kahoot! challenges. They send the challenge to the entire bank and give them 3-4 hours to complete. This way, everybody is engaged during the entire day!

Gerardo concluded: “With Kahoot!, I can measure product knowledge: after recently launching a new credit card, I saw the trainee accuracy in a challenge I sent about it was around 75-80% which is a big success! The engagement around the tool is very exciting for our employees – it’s a very modern learning experience.”

With Kahoot!, I can measure product knowledge: after recently launching a new credit card, I saw the trainee accuracy in a challenge I sent about it was around 75-80% which is a big success!

Gerardo Díaz Santos, Scotiabank

Personalize kahoots with relevant media and icebreaker questions
Since Gerardo and teams always play Kahoot! in the mornings, it’s important for them to energize employees – fun icebreaker questions help with that. He personalizes each kahoot Ihe creates with photos from company campaigns.


Use Kahoot! at company-wide events, conferences or conventions
Kahoot! always wins over a huge crowd! According to Gerardo, by bringing all national branches together to play together, you can engage the whole company in one go. Not only is this efficient and productive, but it also boosts employee morale.


Keep senior management in the loop
Gerardo shared that he often plays kahoots with the SVP in charge of branches. It’s very important to involve them so they can see what a powerful tool Kahoot! is. Using combined reports, he can share a monthly report with them which show engagement levels and product knowledge accuracy


Gauge employee perceptions
As well as using Kahoot! to reinforce knowledge, you can also use it to collect opinions. Gerardo highly recommended using poll and word cloud. In particular, you can use the reports feature to track perception and sentiment amongst your employee networks.

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