SNCF used Kahoot! to train 4000 employees in safety procedures and guidelines over a two-year period. By gamifying complex topics such as security behaviors and protocols, Arnaud and his team increased engagement and learning outcomes in mandatory compliance training.

“The main advantage of Kahoot! is how easy it is to use in all kinds of situations. It integrates easily into every kind of session where we speak about our safety procedures. Plus, Kahoot! has made it possible to organize fewer in-person sessions, as it can all be done online,” said Arnaud.

Breaking down complex topics into bite-size kahoots that boost engagement

The team at SNCF hosts kahoots of 15 questions in sessions with up to 20 participants. Usually lasting 20 minutes, these sessions are essential for communicating key safety procedures and guidelines.

“We use kahoots as an introduction to kick-start sessions, during the session to keep everyone energized, and at the end to ensure all participants have retained the information,” said Arnaud.

“Kahoot! allows us to teach groups of employees about key safety procedures interactively. In these sessions, we need to convey our safety procedures and guidelines in a way in which everyone can easily understand them to ensure they will be applied at all times,” continued Arnaud.

This is where Kahoot! comes in. The kahoots hosted feature multiple-choice quiz questions that break down tricky topics so everyone can understand and absorb the information.

“Using Kahoot! involves and motivates our employees and increases their awareness of safety procedures and concepts. Kahoots help employees adapt to our company guidelines and ensure that they are executed correctly,” said Arnaud.

Reinforcing knowledge and collecting feedback to improve future sessions

Kahoot! has become one of SNCF’s “flagship training tools,” according to Arnaud. He believes Kahoot! is irreplaceable, as it involves learners throughout sessions and also helps employees retain important information more effectively.

“The challenge with our training sessions is making sure all participants can successfully retain the right concepts and procedures and, above all, apply them. Kahoot! is not only fun and playful, but it also helps us focus on educational messages,” said Arnaud.

“Among the positives of using Kahoot!, we’ve discovered how the tool engages all participants, which is perhaps driven by the competitive, social nature of Kahoot!,” continued Arnaud.

SNCF employees have provided “very positive feedback” on their training sessions. “Because of its interactivity and dynamic nature, Kahoot! is one of the preferred tools for learners and trainers,” said Arnaud.

By using Kahoot! at the end of each session, Arnaud and his team are able to collect feedback that is used to improve future sessions. What’s more, SNCF trainers view the reports after kahoots to identify and address any knowledge gaps.