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Tech Data found the missing piece to activate the audience in sales training

Learn how they use Kahoot! to make sure all sessions end on a high note and spark enthusiasm about the upcoming ones

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Industry: Technology, Media & Telecomms
Use cases: Sales training
Key wins
Kahoot! has made it easier for training participants to process large volumes of content and remember the most important takeaways
Sales professionals are captivated by the competition and look forward to the next training session
Employees responsible for sales training get actionable data from game reports
Several partners of Tech Data added Kahoot! to their own educational programs
Louise Runstrom
Louise Runström
HPE Marketing Executive

About the company and their Kahoot! Hero
Tech Data, a Fortune 500 company, is one of the world’s largest technology distributors. Louise Runström is HPE Marketing Executive at Tech Data Sweden. She uses Kahoot! with her team to educate colleagues and customers in a more interactive and memorable way.


Making training work is mission-critical

For a long time, the team at Tech Data Sweden relied on slides, tutorial videos, and demos in their training sessions. However, this mix wasn’t optimal for learning at a quick pace and retaining the most important knowledge.

Louise Runström elaborated on their training needs: “With new features and products coming out all the time, things move really fast in IT. We need to be up to date in order to do our best at marketing and selling these new offerings. We’re learning continuously and need to be able to apply the new knowledge in action right away. When we go to market, we also educate our customers, helping them make the most of the new products. So, making training work is mission-critical for us.”

employee onboarding software
Tech Data playing Kahoot! during a meeting.

Finding the missing piece for a perfect training session

As mentioned above, Louise and her colleagues relied mostly on slides and videos to deliver training before they discovered Kahoot!. Both formats worked well for presenting new info, but it was more of a one-way communication lacking interactivity. As a result, by the end of a session, trainees sometimes felt a bit overwhelmed with those volumes of content.

Bring game-based methods into training turned that around. According to Louise, Kahoot! makes content easier to process, increases enthusiasm and energy levels in the room, and makes everyone excited about training. “We play Kahoot! every time we get a chance, both in internal training and to educate our customers. Typically, we leave the game for the end of a session to wrap it up in a fun, interactive, and loud way,” she added.

Training became an event to look forward to

Sales reps at Tech Data Sweden and their customers love Kahoot! since it creates a great atmosphere in any training. Louise shared that when trainers remind attendees to bring their phones to the session, everyone knows what’s at stake and looks forward to being involved in a great training. For salespeople, it’s the competition that makes it even more exciting: they’re very competitive and everyone wants to get on the podium!

“Adding Kahoot! games to the mix makes content easier to process, increases enthusiasm and energy levels in the room and makes everyone excited about training.”

Louise Runström, Tech Data Sweden

Fine-tuning training based on game results

A big benefit for Tech Data employees who host training sessions is having game reports to help them assess how well a session went. Looking at what questions received a lot of incorrect answers, they identify the most difficult topics that need a deeper dive.


Add more fun
Louise recommended adding one funny (even absurd!) answer alternative into each question. For example, Q: What is WiFi short for? A1: Win information From Incentive A2: Wireless Fidelity A3: Wireless Fiction, A4: Window Field. Puts a smile on everyone’s faces!


Mix serious and lightweight questions
Blending serious questions with lightweight, off-topic ones – not directly related to training per se – helps create good dynamics in the room. For example, those can be questions about upcoming holidays, events, or activities attended with customers or facts about the city where a training session is held.


Encourage discussion
According to Tech Data’s experience, discussion between questions is just as important as questions themselves. Why did so many trainees answer incorrectly? Why is a specific answer correct? Is there something else to know about the topic? Leave some time to talk through these points in every question, to increase the learning impact of your quiz.


Collect feedback
It’s also helpful to wrap up a game with quick questions to gather feedback. Have you enjoyed the game? Have you learned a lot?


Preview your kahoot before the session
Louise recommended previewing your quiz before the session or test-drive with one colleague to make sure it plays well.

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