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Presentations play an essential role in businesses today. From training small teams to communicating business goals and strategy to the entire workforce, presentations serve as a primary vehicle for sharing knowledge internally. Likewise, they are a key way for companies to showcase their brand and offerings to external stakeholders, including current and potential customers, partners, and investors.

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Get insights into what employees believe makes a wow presentation, how they rate their own presenter skills, and more in our latest research

Successful presentations are not simply nice-to-haves. They can make the difference in keeping your team members informed and engaged, signing on clients, and growing your business. The question is: what does a ‘wow presentation’ look like, and how can you set yourself and your team up for success when presenting?

To explore these questions and beyond, we’re launching the “Superstar Presenter Spotlight,” uncovering what corporate workers value in presentations, their greatest challenges in presenting, and how any employee can become a superstar presenter.

Three professionals delivering a presentation on a large screen with Kahoot!

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