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For higher instructors

Achieve end-to-end course engagement with Kahoot!

Discover the all-in-one toolkit you need for the new academic year, from lecture planning to exam season. Save time with AI-powered tools, elevate engagement with interactive questions and follow up on progress with reports.

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Integrate Kahoot! into your course planning for engaging instruction

Save time with AI powered tools

Build an entire lecture from start to finish by typing in a topic to get a variety of questions, slides and images, you can add the language and the level of complexity as well. Transform lengthy PDFs into easy-to-digest kahoots to be used in class or sent to students as an assignment.

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instruction uses

Deliver lectures with the presentation suite

Import your slides to reuse existing lectures already created in PDF, PowerPoint, and Keynote or sync your presentations with your kahoots with our Google Slides integration. Next, combine your slides with interactive question types to add an extra layer of engagement to any presentation.

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presentation suite

Engagement for multiple course formats

Energize students in face-to-face courses by hosting live kahoots, or create interactive learning experiences in asynchronous courses with assignments. For hybrid courses engage students joining remotely, allowing them to share their ideas and questions just the same as those attending in person.

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course formats

Incorporate Kahoot! for assessment and review

Assess student learning with reports

Throughout the semester regularly check student learning outcomes. Assess prior learning at the start of the semester and pinpoint learning gaps by incorporating interactive question types throughout your lectures.

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Collect student insights with feedback question types

Find out how familiar students are with a topic or theory by adding a poll question to start your kahoot. Capture student insights and ideas with open-ended questions or word clouds, and collect student feedback with the scale question type.

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scale question type

Foster independent study with student assignments

Let students increase the fun and engagement during independent study and review sessions with self-paced assignments that can be played in solo-mode. Just remove the countdown clock on questions. Reviewing assignment reports ahead of lectures allows instructors to identify learning gaps and adjust their instruction accordingly.

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student assignments

Prepare students ahead of exams with game modes

Boost the energy level during review sessions by testing students’s knowledge with multiple game modes and challenge students with friendly competition using team modes. Following the review sessions identify learning gaps with game mode reports.

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Backed by peer-reviewed research

New research shows that using Kahoot! has a strong positive impact on students’ learning outcomes. Check out the report and other peer-reviewed research articles demonstrating the effects of Kahoot!


Integrative review and analysis of the effects of Kahoot! quiz games

A meta-analysis of independent research reveals that using Kahoot! on average shifts academic performance up by a full letter grade.

Download the report


Innovating pathology learning via Kahoot! game-based tool

Read a comparative demonstration of how Kahoot! is an effective tool to engage students in learning and increase knowledge retention.

Read the study


The effect of using Kahoot! for learning

Get a summary of 93 studies showing the positive effect of Kahoot! on learning performance, classroom dynamics, attitudes, and anxiety. 

Read the study


Impact of gamified teaching on university student learning

Explore how a gamification strategy in higher education improves university students’ engagement, motivation, and academic performance.

Read the study

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Start creating course material that your students talk about after class with Kahoot! for Higher Education

Kahoot!+ Start
for Higher ed educators
$7.99 per educator
per month
$96 billed annually
Up to 100 participants per session
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Kahoot!+ Premier
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per month
$180 $144 billed annually
Up to 200 participants per session
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Kahoot!+ Max
for Higher ed educators
$24.99 $19.99 per educator
per month
$300 $240 billed annually
Up to 400 participants per session
All prices exclude VAT
Kahoot!+ Start for Higher ed educators
Creation set
Create engaging kahoots
  • Access to Getty images in Kahoot!
  • Teacher guides and resources
  • Editable premade kahoots
  • Create and host private kahoots
Review set
Review challenging content
  • Up to 6 answer options
  • Multi-select answers
  • Puzzle question type
  • Add audio to quiz questions
Kahoot!+ Premier for Higher ed educators
Feedback set
Give your students a voice
  • Poll questions
  • Drop pin responses on images
  • Give feedback on a scale (coming soon)
Presentation set
Enrich your lesson content
  • Advanced slide layouts
  • Import existing slides
  • PowerPoint integration
Engagement set
Gamify student-led learning
  • Student-led game experiences
  • Customizable characters
  • Fun premade themes
Kahoot!+ Max for Higher ed educators
Premium content set
Access ready-made learning content
  • Premium ready-made content created by verified educators and publishing partners
Discussion set
Give each student a voice
  • Brainstorm answers
  • Open-ended questions
  • Word-cloud prompt questions
Precision set
Master learning content
  • Pin answer for graded responses (coming soon)
  • Slider questions with correct range
  • Type answer for exact wording
  • Challenges without deadlines
Assessment set
Assess student progress
  • Download student reports
  • Combine reports for progress monitoring
  • Access entire course reports
Classroom culture set
Customize collaboration
  • Assign custom teams in team modes
  • Create custom names for teams
  • Personalize kahoots with custom themes