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Kahoot! 360 Engage

Engaging learning across campus

The Kahoot! 360 Engage platform motivates campus employees anywhere to access the knowledge they need to succeed, by turning information into engaging experiences.

  • Interactive learning and seamless communication, together within a single employee app.
  • Easy and efficient for managers to create and adapt existing content.
  • Easy to implement, and engaging like Kahoot!

Save 12% on Kahoot! 360 Engage, now $7 per employee/month until July 14 July 31, 2024.

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Proven engagement

Kahoot! has been experienced over 10 billion times by users all over the world.

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Fast content creation

Transform information into interactive and engaging experiences for campus employees, supported by AI!

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Campus culture anytime, anywhere

Bring campus teams together and drive connections in multiple formats—live in-person, live remote, and self-paced.

The campus employee app infused with Kahoot!

Make manager-led and self-paced training easy and engaging

 Utilize interactive, microlearning content formats such as courses, stories, and kahoots for on-the-go learning experiences.

 Enhance live training sessions with media-rich kahoots, proven to maximize engagement.

 Enable managers to effortlessly create content. Utilize AI, turn PDFs into engaging content fast!

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Training screens from Engage

Empowering employee communication anytime, anywhere

 Promote interactive two-way communication channels that reaches student employees.

 Foster a campus culture through a social wall and groups, bringing student employees together.

 Transform internal communication into a dynamic and engaging experience with a media toolkit including video, audio, and kahoots.

 Facilitate campus employees to share knowledge and actively listen, whether remote, in-person, or in hybrid settings.

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Efficient productivity tools designed to improve effectiveness and support all staff

 Assist campus employees on-the-job with simple checklists designed to help them follow proper procedures.

 Leverage AI-supported content creation to quickly generate or repurpose content into engaging material.

 Ensure compliance through an employee dashboard that offers clear and concise guidance of training progress.

 Brainstorm team ideas in just 5 minutes by quickly collecting and prioritizing ideas in just 5 minutes.

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Discover ways to use Kahoot! 360 Engage

Skills training

Empower your campus through engaging training sessions covering soft skills, leadership development, and technical expertise, made engaging! Craft immersive learning journeys with Kahoot! courses, blending live and self-paced experiences for both staff and student workers alike.

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Student experience training

Enhance on-campus student experiences by providing university teams, including academic advisors, the registrar’s office and residence life, with comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge, accessible at their fingertips.

Image of screen of product knowledge training


Make a lasting first impression! Introduce new employees to your university culture right from the start with pre-boarding and onboarding experiences that mirror your campus identify. They’ll also be able to ask questions about their learning, from anywhere.

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Compliance and
 mandatory training

Transform any learning topic, even regulatory IT training, into an engaging experience using easily digestible content formats like story and kahoots! Monitor completion with player identifier to maintain maximum data integrity.

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Internal communication

Nurture a dynamic campus culture, and engage and connect your student employees through an accessible internal communication channel they can access from anywhere.

Image of a screen with communication between employees

Engaging learning and communication anytime, anywhere with Kahoot! 360 Engage

Save 12% on Kahoot! 360 Engage, now $7 per employee/month until July 31, 2024.

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