Kahoot! for business

Strengthen your company culture

With human interaction at the heart of the Kahoot! experience, you can strengthen your company culture so that all employees – including remote and distributed teams – want to be part of it.

  • Onboard new employees in a engaging, memorable and stress-free way
  • Add engagement to any team meeting – virtually, too!
  • Encourage employee participation when communicating
  • Boost morale and help teams connect even when they’re apart

"Using Kahoot! to connect with teams remotely across different countries for our employee gathering helped us tremendously!"
Hakim Mahrukh, Philips
"You can bring out a good sense of your organizational culture while playing kahoots"
Emily Zachariasen, Guild Mortgage
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How companies use Kahoot! to strengthen their team culture


Make employee onboarding stress-free by combining in-class sessions with self-paced games to improve retention of key company policies. With our Kahoot! 360 Pro plan, you see who has completed important training as part of onboarding.

Team meetings & social activities

From icebreakers, “selfie” kahoots to get to know each other, and social events – in-person or remote – Kahoot! brings excitement to any team building activity. Get started with our free Basic plan, and start building culture with trivia in teams of up to 10 for free.

Employee engagement

With polling features, all employees can participate and give feedback in a way they feel comfortable. Choose Kahoot! 360 Pro to unlock audience participation features including poll and word cloud.

Company gatherings

Whether it’s a virtual all-hands meeting or a big annual event, make these gatherings more engaging and memorable both offline and online, by using Kahoot! as an icebreaker, or running a company-wide tournament. With Kahoot! 360 Pro, you can launch department or company-wide games with up to 2,000 players.

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What our customers have to say…

“We held our first department team meeting with Microsoft Teams...we usually do these types of meetings face-to-face…the highlight was an awesome Kahoot! game”
Partner Channel Marketer
“We had our largest new hire group since we went fully remote - for our new hire lunch today, we got creative and played Kahoot! as an entertaining and educational way to wrap up their first few days!”
Talent and Culture Specialist
“I take my role as a CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) for our team very seriously - we recently hosted our first trivia quiz night on Kahoot! over Zoom, and it was a great way to start the weekend!”
Growth Specialist
“We finish our week with a team quiz using Kahoot! Such a great way to stay connected”
Executive Manager

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