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Zoom integration

Video meetings made easy and engaging with Kahoot!’s Zoom integration

See cameras off? Your audience is likely not mentally there. 45% may be looking at emails, or even playing with their pet (23%).*

Keep everyone engaged, seamlessly, with Kahoot! on Zoom.

  • Host any kahoot with just a few clicks. No need for screen sharing!
  • Collect real-time feedback from your audience, wherever they are.
  • Automatically invite all attendees to join a kahoot and instantly participate.

Recommended plan: Kahoot! 360 Presenter

Get 360 Presenter

*Kahoot!’s 2022 Workplace Culture Report


Video meetings designed for engagement in the future of work

Video meetings will remain important in a world of hybrid working. Hosting kahoot sessions during Zoom meetings is a great way to energize any audience and bring colleagues together in a virtual space.

Kahoot! Zoom app

Have every meeting attendee contribute to video meetings

Before your next Zoom meeting, select a ready-made kahoot to present, or create an interactive presentation that combines presentation slides with interactive questions in between. With Kahoot! 360, you can test knowledge understanding with quizzes, collect instant feedback with scale and NPS, gather opinions with polls and word clouds, and more!

kahoot on zoom

The most seamless Kahoot! experience

How to use Kahoot! on Zoom:

  1. Add the Kahoot! app to your Zoom account. Get it for free here!
  2. Join a Zoom meeting and open the Kahoot! app from Apps in the lower toolbar.
  3. Select “Host” to find a kahoot to present or “Join” to join a kahoot session hosted by another participant.

All participants will be automatically invited to open the Kahoot app, even those who join later. Questions appear on the shared screen, and players submit answers on the Kahoot! controller within Zoom. No need to PIN in or to use a second screen or device!

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kahoot on zoom

Recommended plan

  • Import a slide deck
  • Spark discussions with brainstorm
  • Gather feedback with polls and word clouds

  • Reinforce content with quiz questions
  • Optimized for remote and hybrid meetings

Save over 35%
Kahoot! 360 Presenter
$39 $24 per host
per month
$468 $286 billed annually
Up to 50 participants per session
This plan is best for
  • Review and reinforce content with a variety of assessment question types
  • Gather input from larger audiences in several ways including brainstorm
  • Transform your slides into impactful, interactive presentations
Save 35%
Kahoot! 360 Presenter for Teams
$29 $19 per member
per month
$348 $226.20 billed annually
Min. 3 licenses
This plan is best for
  • Up to 50 participants
  • Shared workspace
  • Save 20% compared to Kahoot! 360 Presenter for individuals
All prices exclude VAT
Deliver engaging interactive presentations and meetings
A male and female presenter standing in front of a screen showing a kahoot brainstorm
Interactive presentations

Import a slide deck and/or create slides in the Kahoot! platform. Mix in quizzes and polls for an engaging, interactive session.

Illustration of Kahoot! brainstorm cards

Spark discussions and surface great feedback. Collect, sort, discuss and vote on ideas!


Generate excitement around the key statistic in your presentation which you want the audience to remember.