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12 Jan 2024

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Instantly collect accurate feedback with our latest scale and NPS®️ question types, now available on Kahoot! 360

Welcome your audience’s input, foster a two-way interaction, and drive continuous improvement of any feedback session with our latest scale and NPS®️ question types.

When evaluating the effectiveness of meetings, presentations, or training sessions, seeking feedback is essential to understand your audience’s expectations and satisfaction levels, assess their knowledge retention, and evaluate what should be changed for the next time. 

We’re excited to introduce our latest question types designed to provide detailed and reliable insights to make gathering feedback easy for presenters, and dynamic and engaging for your audience. Now available in Kahoot! 360.

Combined with our other collect opinion question types like poll and type answer, scale and NPS®️ enhance and refine the use of Kahoot! for audience feedback.

Depiction of the scale question type and NPS scale question type in Kahoot!


When and how could I use these feedback question types?

These features can be used in a varied range of use cases. While scale can be used as a more versatile measurement tool for individual feedback, audience mood, event success, and content relevance, the NPS®️ scale focuses on specific metrics like employee engagement and customer loyalty. 

Creating effective post-training feedback surveys

Would your attendees recommend your session to other colleagues? What do they think of your style as a trainer? The NPS®️ scale will let you effectively collect recommendations when wrapping up your session to identify areas for improvement based on the distribution of responses.

Following this, the scale question type allows you to dive deeper into individual feedback on aspects such as the trainer’s performance, the relevance of the content, and the effectiveness of the technology and tools used.


NPS scale in Kahoot! with the question: How likely are you to recommend this course to a friend or colleague?


Assessing employee engagement 

For employee engagement assessments, NPS®️ acts as a valuable real-time metric to evaluate audience satisfaction and understand their sentiments towards your company. By asking employees if they would recommend your company as a good place to work, you can get a quick pulse check of the workforce and track changes in engagement levels over time. 

Measuring customer loyalty and brand perception

NPS®️ can also be integrated into external surveys shared with your clients. You’d be able to ask your customers to rate the likelihood of recommending your company, product, or service and get a quick snapshot of their satisfaction. 

Another effective use of this question type would be to assess your overall brand perception by exploring customers’ emotional connection with your brand, products, or services. 

Regular measurements and trend analyses empower you to enhance customer loyalty, identify pain points, improve your products or services, and make informed decisions to boost overall satisfaction.

How do these feedback features work?

Scale enables you to collect insights by prompting attendees to rate their perceptions and share sentiments. In your question, you can either use a 5-point Likert scale or a custom scale with up to 10 points and personalized labels. Scale is available on Kahoot! 360 Presenter.

On the other hand, NPS®️ will let you assess participants’ satisfaction after your sessions and understand your customers’ likelihood to recommend your company, product, or experience.* This question type is available on Kahoot! 360 Pro and can be tested out on Kahoot! 360 Pro Test Drive.

*NPS®️ is a widely recognized market research metric based on a single survey question.

How do I get started?

  1. Log in to your Kahoot! 360 account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up in a few steps.
  2. Access the creator. Once you’re in, click the Create button and select a ready-made template, a black canvas to start from scratch, or click on the question generator to create your kahoot using the power of AI.
  3. Add your feedback questions. After adding all your questions, you’ll be able to customize the scale types and labels to meet the needs of your survey.

Elevate your audience’s feedback experience with Kahoot! 360 and explore endless possibilities using our versatile tools to involve your audience and gather valuable insights!