Coming soon: Kahoot! 360

The next generation of corporate learning

Sharing knowledge and empowering team collaboration has never been easier


With Kahoot! 360 you can put learning in the hands of your employees. Allow employees to contribute and share knowledge and build a stronger organizational culture.

360 degrees of corporate learning

Make sharing knowledge engaging and bring remote teams closer together through this collaborative platform where individuals, teams, or the entire organization can deliver engaging training, presentations, and events, in person or remotely.

Suitable for organizations of any size, Kahoot! 360 helps unleash creativity in all employees.

Powerful two way presentation and training features

The secret to Kahoot!’s success lies in the fact that it ensures a great experience to both presenter and learner. And now, with the ability to combine slides with audience participation features, you can create a truly interactive, gamified presentation. Then simply share your screen with a video conferencing tool such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype so players can join and answer on their mobile devices wherever they are. Start using this feature already today with our Premium + plan !

“Kahoot! is built into our organizational culture.”
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“Kahoot! helped increase my trainees’ product knowledge of a new credit card - they achieved 75-80% accuracy in a recent kahoot challenge!”

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