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Empatico supports hundreds of thousands of students worldwide to develop social emotional skills with Kahoot!

Learn how Empatico partners with Kahoot! Academy to offer ready-to-use resources for educators which help them empower students’ social-emotional learning.

Location: Global
Industry: Nonprofit
Use cases: Content partners
Key outcomes
Engaged over 1.8M non-unique participants in Empatico's 40 SEL-focused kahoots, hosted nearly 480K times
Boosted experimentation and developed new and creative ways to engage students
Began assessing the impact of their programs by facilitating pre- and post-program surveys for participants with kahoots
Created a space for educators in Empatico’s community to design their own kahoots about their culture and community (e.g., Holidays Around the World)
Shraya Sharma
Associate Manager, Content


Empatico’s mission is to empower school-aged students all around the globe to form meaningful connections that foster a more empathetic world. For Shraya Sharma, Associate Manager, Content at Empatico, Kahoot! has become an important platform to, “[…] create activities around social-emotional learning which spark fun, meaningful interactions between students, while building key competencies that make them more compassionate, empathetic, and curious individuals.”  



For many educators around the world, it can be difficult to find time to prepare lesson plans on social-emotional learning, and facilitate activities that are engaging and impactful for students. This has become even more challenging in the last few years with the transitions to virtual and hybrid learning and then back to the classroom. At the same time, educators are recognizing social-emotional learning as more important than ever. 

Empatico is a non-profit that combines live video with activities designed to foster meaningful connections among students ages 5-14. As the demand for SEL resources grew, the Empatico team saw the opportunity of incorporating kahoots into their activities and reaching new learners globally by becoming a Kahoot! Academy partner. Shraya explained that Empatico began their partnership with Kahoot! with three key objectives:

  • Leverage their expertise around empathy and social-emotional learning (SEL) to build games aligned with their mission and values 
  • Spark meaningful interactions and conversations between students (both within their own class and across partner classes)
  • Provide opportunities for educators and students to share about themselves, their cultures, and communities. 

Since launching their partner profile page on Kahoot! Academy, Empatico has published 40 SEL kahoots, with content covering topics including cooperation, compassion, digital citizenship and global cultures. They have also experimented with different types of Kahoot! experiences that can be easily adapted for most classroom settings, such as Warm-Up Games to help break the ice between new friends.  

“By building a content library on Kahoot!, we are able to offer ready-made resources for educators which help address their classroom needs around social-emotional learning,” said Shraya. “Kahoot! helps us make social-emotional learning more accessible, interactive and fun, while allowing educators to measure their students’ knowledge of skills such as perspective taking, empathy, and critical thinking

“Additionally, working with the Kahoot! team has been critical in making our content more effective, through their constant support and encouragement, sharing of best practices, and constructive feedback.”  

Of course, for any educational content provider, the ultimate test is what educators and learners have to say. So how has Empatico’s community of teachers and students responded to their Kahoot! learning experiences?

“Our educators have loved the addition of Kahoot! in our content offerings!” said Shraya. “We have heard extremely positive feedback about how students become excited as soon as they hear the Kahoot! music and realize it’s time to play a game, or how students wouldn’t stop laughing or conversing amongst themselves as they played together, and strengthened their friendship and connection with each other.”

Empatico’s learning content on Kahoot! Academy has also not only supported students, but educators as well, helping them save time and create more dynamic and engaging experiences for their classes. 

“Educators have also expressed appreciation for the visually-appealing interface and graphics of the Kahoot! platform, and how these games offer a low-prep and flexible method of delivering important concepts.” 

“Any organization that wants to engage their community in learning new concepts and strengthening existing skills in a fun, interactive way should explore a partnership with Kahoot!  Kahoot! is well-suited for initiatives ranging from delivering professional development, to building team culture, to assessing learners’ knowledge and retention of information.”

Shraya Sharma, Empatico

Explore new opportunities on the Kahoot! platform

“If you have just started using Kahoot!, we encourage you to be open-minded and curious as you explore the platform!” says Shraya Sharma. “Even after two years of using Kahoot!, we are constantly discovering new features that make our work even easier and more engaging, and finding exciting new ways to partner with the Kahoot! team (e.g., collaborating on  TikTok videos and hosting Instagram Lives together!).”