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How Teleflex makes virtual events more human and interactive with Kahoot!

Discover how a leading medical technology company uses Kahoot!’s gamification tools to create an interactive week-long virtual event for training and team building.

Location: Morrisville, North Carolina, USA
Industry: Healthcare
Use cases: Town halls, meetings, and interactive presentations, Conferences & Events
Key wins
Teleflex creates an event-long Kahoot! tournament to keep attendees engaged and focused during virtual sessions.
Kahoot! reports help Teleflex track participation, identify knowledge gaps, and shape event content.
Self-paced challenges enable Teleflex to involve employees who couldn’t make the live sessions.
Teleflex easily collects insightful feedback with the word clouds and polls.


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Marisa Doria
Associate Planner, Meetings, Events, & Tradeshows

About the company and their Kahoot! hero
Teleflex is a global provider of medical technologies that employs over 14,000 people in 24 countries. Marisa Doria, who’s affectionately known as the Kahoot! Queen by colleagues, plans events and tradeshows for Teleflex and runs interactive meetings for several departments.


Every summer, Teleflex invites hundreds of employees to their office in Morrisville, North Carolina, for a week-long event focused on customer experience. But, like many companies, Teleflex’s in-person event pivoted to an entirely virtual affair in 2020. We spoke to Marisa Doria on how Kahoot! helped Teleflex successfully transition to a virtual event that engaged and inspired attendees.

“It was the first time we’ve held the Customer Experience Week virtually,” said Marisa. Usually, 200 to 300 employees head to North Carolina for the week-long event, but this time, Marisa and her colleagues would reach over 2,000 colleagues from all over North America through a series of virtual sessions.

“We were actively looking for an engagement tool,” said Marisa. “We needed to have some sort of gamification to bring increased engagement as the attendees were not physically in the room,” continued Marisa. To achieve just that, Marisa created 12 kahoots that would be played at the end of every session.

Creating an event-long Kahoot! Tournament – even for those who couldn’t attend

Marisa designed a Kahoot! tournament to keep attendees engaged and energized during the five-day event. “We created a Kahoot! tournament throughout the whole week by aggregating points from the live kahoots and self-paced challenges,” said Marisa.

All 12 sessions closed with a kahoot and were live-streamed and recorded. “I would share the recording and the same kahoot as a self-paced challenge. Then, people who missed the live session could still play and participate in the tournament,” said Marisa.

Hosting a kahoot at the end of the session proved very useful: “It builds excitement and a competitive spirit as everyone knows that a kahoot will be a reward for staying.” said Marisa. “The audience knows that a chance for points or a prize is coming, so they pay more attention to the content outlined in the session,” continued Marisa.

Analyzing data to shape the event’s finale and get insightful feedback

“I used the reporting functionality a lot during the Customer Experience Week,” said Marisa. With Kahoot! 360 Pro, Marisa was able to combine reports and track participation throughout the entire week.

What’s more, she analyzed the data to create a showstopping final kahoot: “I used the reports to find the most difficult questions. This helped me design the final game of the week, which really tested our attendees’ knowledge and memory,” said Marisa.

“We also wanted to get feedback on how attendees thought the event was going. I would use a word cloud and ask ‘what’s been your favorite session so far that you’ve attended?’ or ‘what would you like to see next year?’,” said Marisa.


Hosting interactive meetings for remote teams with Kahoot!

Virtual events are not the only opportunity where Teleflex uses Kahoot! to engage and connect employees and make content stick. Marisa also creates several kahoots a week for meetings with different teams. “Kahoot! is such a valuable tool in many different aspects of my day-to-day responsibilities with Teleflex. It makes my life more fun,” said Marisa.

“I make a lot of kahoots throughout the week to reinforce updates and concepts about policy changes and things like that. It’s a really fun, competitive way to train and reinforce important information,” said Marisa.

“I have lots of different teams that I help currently, and a lot of my teams refer to me as the Kahoot! Queen!,” said Marisa. Playing kahoots is helping teams at Teleflex learn in the flow of work: “I usually put together a kahoot for my contracts team because a lot of times, there are different policies that change rapidly. I create just a quick little five-question kahoot to reinforce concepts of different updates to policies,” continued Marisa.

Marisa uses all question types in her kahoots but always starts with a word cloud or poll as an icebreaker. “I use quiz and true/false questions in the middle, along with multi-select for an extra degree of difficulty, and a few puzzles,” said Marisa.

Making virtual experiences as human and interactive as possible

“I think anyone who holds training within their teams or even just wants to introduce or review content or plan an event can utilize Kahoot!,” said Marisa

“Hopefully, as we move forward, we can find a happy medium with hybrid events, but I don’t see virtual or online meetings going away anytime soon. We need to partner with technology to make virtual experiences as human and interactive as possible,” said Marisa.

“Kahoot! is such a valuable tool in many different aspects of my day-to-day responsibilities with Teleflex. It makes my life more fun!”

Marisa Doria, Teleflex

Kick-start your kahoot with a word cloud or poll
Spark discussions and help your audience get to know each other by starting your kahoot with a word cloud or poll. This will help facilitate a discussion from the get-go.


Mix up your question types
Using a variety of question types keeps everyone engaged and focused and makes your core material more interesting. Raising the stakes with double points and question types like multi-select helps to reinforce important messages.


Change the question timer depending on the group size
With groups of 10 or fewer, Marisa recommends setting a question timer of 20 to 30 seconds. For larger groups, give participants 60 seconds to answer the question for the best experience and flow.

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Kahoot! 360 Pro

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