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Kahoot! WorkMeetup: Employee Engagement

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 Discover top tips for making the transition to a hybrid workplace as smooth as possible and ensuring your teams thrive in this environment.

 Hear from special guest speakers Microsoft on the future of employee engagement in the everyday flow of work.

 Learn how to boost employee engagement among non-desk workers with Actimo, a company that’s changing how brands communicate with, train, and lead their employees.

 Watch a talk by Teleflex (a leading medical technology company), and discover how Kahoot! 360 helps them boost employee engagement in a digital-first workplace.

 Get inspired by how Compass Group successfully engages its dispersed workforce with Actimo.

 Get an exclusive preview of Kahoot! 360 Spirit, a powerful employee engagement platform for enterprises.

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The full line-up

Duration: 10 minutes

Welcome to the Kahoot! WorkMeetup: Employee Engagement

Evelien Jacobs and Kahoot! team

Discover why employee engagement is more important than ever, and get expert insight into what it’ll look like as the workplace continues to evolve.

Duration: 10 minutes

How to connect with every employee in your organization

James Micklethwait, employee engagement expert from the Kahoot! team

Discover why employee engagement is more important than ever, and get expert insight into what it’ll look like as the workplace continues to evolve.

Session 2 Work Meetup Speakers

Duration: 15 minutes

Understanding employee engagement for non-desk workers

Jimmie Villadsen from Actimo, an industry-leader in employee engagement

Organizations in deskless industries find it challenging to reach, engage and connect with their employees. Learn why non-desk employee engagement has its very own rules and how you can improve results.

Duration: 15 minutes

How to transition to a digital-first workplace: Key takeaways from Teleflex

Marisa Doria, Associate Planner, Meetings, Events, & Tradeshows at Teleflex

Teleflex, a leading medical technology company, supercharged employee engagement at a virtual internal event. Hear how they increased attendance tenfold and improved results, compared to previous in-person events.

Duration: 15 minutes

Content is king: How to leverage various content formats in your employee engagement strategy

Lars-Petter Windelstad Kjos, CPO at Motimate

We all have different learning styles. In this session, Motimate’s Lars-Petter Windelstad Kjos will discuss how you can use images, videos, podcasts, games and other content formats to engage every employee and walk you through best practices of brands such as Cubus, If and more..

Session 3 Work Meetup Speakers

Duration: 15 minutes

Employee engagement for remote teams: Learnings from Compass Group

Rickard Antblad, CIO Nordics at Compass Group

Compass Group, a global provider of catering services, embarked on a mission to engage their dispersed workforce. Learn how they improved engagement through communication and social connections, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Duration: 15 minutes

The future of employee engagement in the everyday flow of work

Steven Abrahams, Partnerships for Teams at Microsoft

Successful employee engagement is an ongoing process that happens in the flow of work. Join Microsoft’s Steven Abrahams as he details how to boost employee engagement throughout the modern-day workplace.

Duration: 15 minutes

Why a hybrid workplace will be the best model moving forward

Dan Schawbel, New York Times best-selling author and Managing Partner at Workplace Intelligence

A rigid office-based or remote workplace won’t cut it in the future! Discover why Dan Schawbel believes that every organization will soon adopt a hybrid workplace model. Get his industry-leading insight into transitioning to a hybrid workplace.

Duration: 30 minutes

Fireside chat: Employee engagement as a source of competitive advantage

You asked, the experts answer! Our panel discusses key topics raised by attendees in the pre-event survey and provides insight into how employee engagement will help you gain a competitive edge.

Hear from Dan Schawbel, Jimmie Villadsen (Actimo), Steven Abrahams (Microsoft), Marisa Doria (Teleflex), Rickard Antblad (Compass Group) and Lars-Petter Kjos (Motimate) as they discuss the future of employee engagement with host James Micklethwait, VP of Kahoot! at work.