Kahoot! for enterprise

97% of the Fortune 500 use Kahoot! to engage staff, gamify training and make their events a success!

Choose one of our enterprise plans that will score your company its own private game bank, easy deployment and increased security.

Join millions of office superheroes

Read these case studies and learn how other big companies make the most out of Kahoot!

We offer three subscription plans:

Kahoot! Plus

Essential features for creating, sharing and playing games in your company.

Kahoot! Pro

Advanced features incl. a premium image library to step up your Kahoot! experience and a license to use Kahoot! in external events.

Kahoot! Premium

Our most powerful, scalable offering with increased number of players and support of collaboration across subsidiaries.

Reasons to choose one of Kahoot! plans for businesses

Privacy and security

We understand that data security and privacy are extremely important for your company – so they are a top priority for us, too! Our security practices include (but aren’t limited to) security audits, risk assessments, server and application security. In terms of privacy, we’re committed to be compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European Union privacy law.

Easy deployment

Team spread across several locations? No stress: Kahoot! enterprise plans provide a universal license key to simplify deployment and make license distribution as smooth as possible.

Secure shared game bank for your company

Your company’s private, secure team space where you co-create and organize games serves as a shared kahoot bank that current and future employees and access and contribute to.

Customer success coach

Become a real Kahoot! superhero! All our enterprise plans include an hour of customer success coaching to help your company make the most of our product.

Convenient payment options

Simplify payment with the option to pay by debit, credit card, Apple Pay, or invoice.

Only in Premium: Ability to collaborate across subsidiaries

Sync up team members from parent and subsidiary companies – Kahoot! breaks down all barriers with ease!

Only in Premium: Host games with thousands of players

With a Kahoot! Premium enterprise license, you can have up to 2,000 simultaneous players in one live game or your mobile challenges for virtual training.

Organize kahoots into folders

Our new folder feature will help large teams organize their kahoots by department, topic or any other criteria in a folder structure. It’s available both in your shared team space and My Kahoots.

Get inspired with these use cases

Gamified training strategy

Equip your teams with the knowledge they need, whilst injecting fun and competition. Sales, product, customer support, HR – Kahoot! engages all!

Case study: Getty Images built Kahoot! into their organizational culture

Remote and virtual training

Share challenges to train large teams across multiple offices globally.

Kärcher North America case study

Employee onboarding

Big companies mean lots of new faces, names and roles to introduce and get to know on a regular basis – onboard with ease.

Liftoff playing Kahoot! in the office


Whether internal or external, ensure your large scale presentation is a success

Leo Silva prepares to host a kahoot for Facebook LATAM


With Kahoot! Enterprise, events get epic! Choose Pro or Premium to gamify events of any scale, from afterwork activities for employees to large conferences for customers and partners.