Kahoot! for business


Create a learning culture that all employees want to be part of

  • Deliver engaging training and e-learning at scale
  • Make internal presentations and events engaging
  • Enable collaboration across your organization
  • Onboard your entire organization easily and securely

Introducing Kahoot! 360 – the next generation of corporate learning

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"Using Kahoot! to connect with teams remotely across different countries for our employee gathering helped us tremendously!"
Hakim Mahrukh, Philips
"Kahoot! quickly became the go-to training tool for myself and other trainers in the company."
Leo Silva, Facebook

Deliver engaging training and e-learning at scale

Build a content library

Create game-based learning programs with colleagues in a shared team space. All team space members can search and reuse questions or kahoots made by others.

Assess training ROI

Measure completion, accuracy and track progress of employees across a series of games with our player identifier feature and insight reports.

E-learning at scale

Share self-paced kahoots with employees to complete important training – one customer at a large financial services company assigned a self-paced game to 8,500 employees!

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Make internal presentations and events engaging

Audience interaction at scale

Use quizzes, polls, word cloud, open-ended questions, and more to create a memorable experience for audiences of up to 2,000

Present remotely or in-person

Share your screen with a video conferencing tool so players can join and answer on their mobile devices wherever they are

Host company-wide tournaments

Combine scores from multiple kahoots into a final podium – hospitality company Oyo Rooms saw their training NPS score increase to 90 after incorporating tournaments!

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How Kahoot! helps build company culture

Efficiently onboard new hires

Make employee onboarding stress-free by combining in-class sessions with self-paced games to improve retention of key company policies

Team building across the company

Present with Kahoot! via video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack to build culture and connect remote or distributed teams

Do compliance differently

Compulsory legal, security and health & safety training can be dry, so why not make a statement about your company culture by using Kahoot!?

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Enable company-wide collaboration

  • Collaborate on content in a shared team space
  • Save time by reusing content – either entire kahoots or individual questions
  • Review game reports from all games hosted by all team space members

Onboard your org securely, maintain privacy and control

  • Practices including (but not limited to) security audits, risk assessments, server and application security
  • Alignment with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Secure user management in organizations of any size
  • Full control over content visibility and game analytics
  • Easy deployment with a universal license key that can be shared with multiple employees

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