Turn any social gathering into a live game show!

Play Kahoot! with family and friends:

Birthdays, weddings, holidays, game nights, family dinners, trivia - Kahoot! is the secret ingredient that will make any party or gathering even more awesome. Become a true quiz master, and get your family and friends competing in a fun game! Beware - it might get loud in the room :)

7 reasons to play Kahoot! with family and friends

Millions of games on any topic

Search from millions of existing games on any topic: brain teasers, trivia of all sorts, news quizzes, popular science – you name it! You can play these kahoots as is, or duplicate and edit them to add a personal touch.

Kahoot! for Family and Friends benefit - Millions of games

Or create your own in minutes!

You can create your own kahoot for any occasion – it only takes minutes. The topic, language, format and number of questions are entirely up to you. Remember to add images and videos! Have you tried making a kahoot with facts about yourself (“selfie kahoot”)? Works great for birthday parties!

Kahoot! for Family and Friends benefit - Create your own games

All your friends need is a phone

If you’re playing kahoot in a live setting, be it your living room or an event venue, it’s best to show questions on a larger screen so that everyone can see. All participants need to join the game is a mobile phone with an internet connection! You can also send a mobile challenge so that they can compete remotely.

Kahoot! for Family and Friends benefit - Mobile device

It’s kid-friendly

Kahoot! is played by learners of all ages around the world. If you’re a parent, you can easily take Kahoot!’ing from your kids’ classroom to your living room! The topics, content and difficulty level of a kahoot are entirely up to you!

Kahoot! for Family and Friends benefit - Kid friendly

Competition gets everyone plugged in

So, who’s the quiz champion amongst your family and friends? Fame, glory and bragging rights are worth competing for! To add extra motivation, you can also come up with a prize for the winners.

Kahoot! for Family and Friends benefit - Competition

Play individually or in teams

To spice up competition in a bigger group, we recommend playing in team mode. Coming up with a team name can also be tons of fun!

Kahoot! for Family and Friends benefit - Play in Teams

Last, but not least - the music!

The quirky and catchy Kahoot! tune is a special part of the game experience. Just listen for yourself! A few times throughout the year, we add a special edition of our music themed for the biggest holidays, for example, Halloween.

Kahoot! for Family and Friends benefit - Music

Game on! Try these trivia quizzes

General trivia

Hey, trivia master! Surprise your friends with this quiz. Who will hit this one out of the park?

Getty Images

Hits of 2018 - Pop Music

A quiz about the top hits of 2018. Do you know them all? Warning: this kahoot will make you want to sing out loud!

Want to take it up a notch?

Upgrade to Kahoot! Plus for family and friends to unleash more fun and become a pro quizmaster:

Get premium editable templates and ready-to-play games

Kick off Kahoot!’ing in seconds – just choose one of our ready-to-play games! Feeling creative? Make your own kahoot in minutes using one of our premium editable templates focused on special occasions such as birthdays, family reunions, and more.

Choose from millions of images in our premium image library

Save time on creating new kahoots powered with relevant images. From holiday-themed pictures to photos of celebrities, choose from millions of images on any topic in our premium image library!

Team up on creating kahoots with family and friends

Put your minds together with family and friends to co-author an exclusive kahoot for some special occasion. For example, surprise the birthday kid with a quiz about them. With the Kahoot! Plus social pack, you get a team space to collaborate on kahoots.

Keep your collection organized

The more kahoots you create – the merrier! Using folders, you can structure them by topic or any other criteria to keep things organized and easy to find.