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Kahoot!'ing all year long 🥳

Kahoot! is the perfect match to take your game shows to the big leagues! From birthdays, bachelor parties and weddings to your favorite festivities!

Start right away with the preps and don’t let your next get-together catch you off guard!



Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and Kahoot!

Ready-to-play Thanksgiving content

Make Thanksgiving with your loved ones awesome with premium ready-to-play games…for full hearts (and bellies)! Reflect on what you’re thankful for, share gratitude, and learn about Thanksgiving traditions!

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Personalize your gathering!

Customize a kahoot with a new, easy-to-use template to boost fun and creativity with family or friends during your next get-together!



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Make your Halloween awesome! 🎃

Wondering how you can delight everyone? Spice things up playing fa-boo-lous premium kahoots, accessing special creation features and question types and adding up to 100 players for ultimate skele-fun!

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Get together for celebrations

Kick-off trick-or-treating!

Explore our world of spooktacular premium ready-to-play games in Kahoot!+ AccessPass and let the challenge begin in just a few clicks!


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Running out of time or feeling your creative juices flowing? Customize your party using our brand-new template!


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Stay tuned, there's more to celebrate on the way! 🦃 🎂🎄

Pssst! In the meantime, personalize your up-coming get-togethers with our templates birthdays, weddings, and much more!

Get together for celebrations

Family fun quiz

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Get together for celebrations

Birthday party quiz

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Wedding couple trivia quiz

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Guess who?

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Kahoot! up your holiday season

So many end-of-the year celebrations ahead, right?
It's the perfect time to get an annual plan now and be more than ready to power-up your host skills!

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Start quizzin’!

  • Add up to 25 family members and friends
  • Raise the stakes with multiselect answers and puzzle questions
  • Make visually appealing kahoots with a image gallery and images as answers
  • Create kahoots faster with a question bank
  • Get 1 child profile in Kahoot! Kids and engage them with adding images as answers
Kahoot!+ Premier
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$14.99 per user
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$180 billed annually
$22.99 per user
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$22.99 billed monthly

Elevate your game!

  • Add up to 50 family members and friends
  • Gather opinions with poll and drop pin questions
  • Unlock new player-led game modes to give a twist to the classic Kahoot!’ing
  • Personalize your play with customizable characters and festive premium themes
  • Save time editing premium pre-made templates
  • Get 3 child profiles in Kahoot! Kids
Kahoot!+ Max
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$300 billed annually
$37.99 per user
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$37.99 billed monthly

Maximize the fun!

  • Add 50 family members and friends and get a +50 player boost for special events
  • Spark fun games and debates with brainstorm
  • Gather opinions with world cloud and open-ended questions
  • Customize players’ and teams’ names
  • Run tournaments with multiple kahoots and combine reports
  • Get up to 6 child profiles in Kahoot! Kids – share the fun!
  • Unlock pin it question type (coming soon)
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