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How Drops makes language learning awesome

Captivating game-based learning for all ages

Designed as a captivating game, Drops is easy to use for learners of all ages and backgrounds. All you need to get started is a mobile device! Through a series of games and interactive practice, you’re introduced to thousands of new words in a variety of categories, such as Travel Talk, Fun and Recreation, Nature and Animals, and more.


Get going in just 5 minutes a day

With Drops, you’re not committed to long, intensive learning sessions but can instead enjoy quick, fun, and focused practice. Just 5 minutes a day is enough! Get a Premium subscription to practice even more.


Choose from 50 languages

Languages supported by Drops range from popular picks such as Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese, to Polynesian languages and rare languages such as Ainu. See a full list of languages on Drops language learning.


Turn language learning into a daily habit

Drops will help you turn language learning into a sustainable daily habit. Since it only requires 5 minutes a day to practice, it’s easy to keep up and make progress. And even if you miss a day, don’t worry – you won’t lose your score streak.


Personalized learning journey

After you’ve learned 50 words, you can then visit the Review Dojo, a special section in Drops designed to reinforce knowledge. There, you can test what you’ve learned with our spaced-repetition algorithm. Based on your performance, it will flag which specific words need some more practice.


Language learning made easy


4.8 out of 5

5 star rating for the drops app
300,000+ reviews

“What an amazing app! I’ve tried several apps for language learning and I cannot recommend Drops enough. I don’t know how a short Drops session can teach me as much as 1 hour+ of focused use of other apps, it’s like magic.”



“Great little learning app! I’ve learned at least 5-10 new words in Spanish in my first 5 minutes. Easy to pick up and thorough.”

Simon Griffiths


“I have been desperate to find an app that really helps me learn Japanese and this is the best by far”



“Great language learning app! It helps you get daily words done in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend using drops to learn whatever language you want to learn.”

Colin Seladones

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“I like that you can switch between different subjects and topics constantly and it’s really easy to learn a lot of vocabulary very quickly! This works perfect for me because I can learn a lot of words but then practice sentence structure with my grandmother whose from Croatia”

Polly Lisicak


What is Drops by Kahoot!?

Drops is a language-learning app designed to make learning new languages fast, fun, and effective by turning it into a game! New words and phrases are read aloud and matched with images depicting the word’s meaning. During learning sessions, you are prompted to recall each word and its matching image. Through visual learning, repetition, a variety of game modes, and a unique achievement system, all it takes is 5 minutes per day to learn any of the 50+ languages available on the Drops app!

How does Drops help me learn languages?

As a part of the Kahoot! family, Drops uses engaging gamified learning strategies to help you build effective habits. Drops encourages consistent practice and motivation through achievements earned by mastering topics, conquering challenges, and maintaining your daily streak. You can choose how you want to learn with a number of game modes suited to any learning style. In addition to mastering new terms in a topic and completing challenges, you can test your knowledge in quiz mode or start a guided learning journey with language voyage. You can even practice writing in new scripts by tracing letters right on your screen!

Which languages are on Drops?

Drops has over 50 languages to choose from! That’s more than the other popular language learning apps and we’re always working on adding even more! Start your language learning journey with any of these languages available in our app today: 1. Ainu 2. Arabic 3. American Sign Language 4. Bosnian 5. Catalan 6. Danish 7. German 8. Greek 9. British English 10. American English 11. Esperanto 12. Castilian Spanish 13. Mexican Spanish 14. Estonian 15. Persian 16. Finnish 17. French 18. Irish 19. Galician 20. Hebrew 21. Hindi 22. Hawaiian 23. Croatian 24. Hungarian 25. Icelandic 26. Indonesian 27. Igbo 28. Italian 29. Japanese 30. Korean 31. Maori 32. Dutch 33. Norwegian 34. Polish 35. Brazilian Portuguese 36. European Portuguese 37. Romanian 38. Russian 39. Sanskrit 40. Samoan 41. Serbian 42. Swedish 43. Swahili 44. Thai 45. Tagalog 46. Turkish 47. Ukrainian 48. Vietnamese 49. Yoruba 50. Mandarin Chinese 51. Cantonese Chinese

Is Drops app free?

You can learn online with all of Drops’ language-learning features for free for up to 5 minutes per day! Upgrading to Drops Premium will unlock unlimited ad-free learning time, offline learning, our entire library of content, and exclusive gameplay.